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AspenTech Inmation™ Conventional and Unconventional Use Cases Webinar Q&A

During the question and answer portion of the AspenTech Inmation Conventional and Unconventional Use Cases webinar, attendees had the opportunity to pose their questions to the panel of experts presenting. This FAQ document provides the answers.

On-Demand Webinar

The Transformative Potential of Contextualizing Historical Data

Watch this webinar on Aspen InfoPlus.21® (IP.21) from AspenTech, exploring the potential of contextualizing historical data to transform your business.

On-Demand Webinar

AspenTech DataWorks Community

We're excited to present the AspenTech DataWorks Community—a dynamic platform designed to connect, educate and empower industrial professionals like never before.


Aspen InfoPlus.21 for Downstream

Aspen InfoPlus.21® (IP.21) is an industrial process historian for collecting and storing large volumes of process data for analysis and reporting. With Aspen IP.21, you can drive performance improvements and optimize decision making through near real-time asset visibility, analysis and monitoring.

Data Sheet

Scheduling and Execution Alignment

Increase production and supply chain resiliency by rapidly managing disruptions with real-time visibility and collaboration.


The State of Industrial Data

This infographic illustrates how organizations use their industrial data today.

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Navigating the Future of Operational Execution with Agile Scheduling

For chemical manufacturers, responding with agility to inevitable daily supply and demand disruptions is vital to reach planning and scheduling goals.

On-Demand Webinar

Unlock the Full Potential of Connected Assets with Industrial Data Management Strategies

In today's industrial landscape, the ability to leverage data for safety and reliable plant maintenance is critical. But with so much industrial data from disparate sources, it’s difficult to gain the insights you need to achieve your operational goals.

On-Demand Webinar

Project esi-map-oi: Optimization of Data Modeling and Simplification of the Contextualization Workflow with AspenTech Inmation™

In this webinar, Florian Seidl, Business Unit Manager, Advanced Solutions at cts GmbH discusses the challenges of contextualizing data when transferring between different systems, a concern especially applicable for regulated industries.


Better Together: AspenTech Inmation and Aspen Mtell

This brochure explains how to use industrial data for prescriptive and predictive maintenance with AspenTech solutions.

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