Better Together: AspenTech Inmation and Aspen Mtell

This brochure explains how to use industrial data for prescriptive and predictive maintenance with AspenTech solutions.

Working together, AspenTech Inmation, an industrial data management solution, supplies operating data to Aspen Mtell®, a prescriptive maintenance solution, to extract insights from the data and drive business decisions. This integration allows reliability and maintenance teams to accurately predict when a known failure will occur, how the failure will occur and what to do about it.

Having precise knowledge of the lead time to a failure and potential mitigation options (often through discussions between the operations, maintenance, technical and planning/scheduling departments), spanning multiple days or weeks can assist you in determining the best actions to take. Sometimes, a simple process change is sufficient to address the problem, or the long lead time enables procurement teams to shop for better spares pricing and lower shipping costs. Prescriptive guidance enables teams to choose the right mitigation action to improve production, reduce costs, prevent damage or breakdowns and solve problems efficiently.

Better Together: AspenTech Inmation and Aspen Mtell

Why we collect this data

AspenTech is collecting and may process your personal data for a variety of reasons related to our business and our ability to deliver the best possible products, customer support service and overall user experience. Accordingly, we may use your personal data to administer research surveys, to accurately deliver contracted services, to register you for events, to understand your preferences and to detect and prevent any fraudulent or unauthorized activities. Please refer to AspenTech’s Privacy and Security Policy, which is available here, for more information regarding our collection and processing of your personal data.

Better Together: AspenTech Inmation and Aspen Mtell

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