Aspen Plus®: 화학 산업을 위한 프로세스 시뮬레이션

Aspen Plus는 벌크 화학 (Bulk Chemicals), 특수 화학 (Specialty Chemicals) 및 제약 산업을 위해 개발된 선도적인 프로세스 시뮬레이션 솔루션으로 플랜트 설계 및 운전 전반을 최적화함으로써 안전, 효율성, 장치 상태 및 수익성 개선을 지원합니다.

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Register today for the premier global event (April 29–May 3 in Houston, TX) for AspenTech customers, including users, operational leaders and executives within asset-intensive industries who are looking to elevate their business performance, improve their resiliency and meet their sustainability targets.


Aspen Plus®: Process Simulation for Chemicals

Aspen Plus advances the performance of chemical processes using the best-in-class simulation software for bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

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Webinar with SIMACRO: Achieve Operational Excellence with Digital Twins in Chemicals

Leading chemical companies across the globe face more competitive pressures with volatile market conditions and a rapidly changing workforce pushing the demand for increased sustainability and profitability. Digital twin software offers new levels of operational excellence through enterprise-wide insights that drive improved business operations.

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Defining the Digital Twin

What is a digital twin and what does it do? Learn how digital twin technology provides important insight on system performance enabling companies to optimize operations and reduce costs by maximizing uptime with real-time recommendations.


Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating Family

Heat exchangers can comprise up to 30% of capital equipment and impact 90% of the energy used in a process plant.


Aspen GDOT™ para a Indústria de Olefinas

Feche a lacuna entre planejamento e operações reais com a Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology (GDOT). Aspen GDOT™ alinha os objetivos de planejamento e programação, otimizando e coordenando dinamicamente várias unidades de processos em tempo real para garantir os melhores resultados econômicos em toda a unidade de forma consistente minuto a minuto. Baixe a brochura para descobrir como as empresas estão minimizando as perdas de produção, aumentando a produtividade, melhorando os rendimentos e muito mais!

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Aspen GDOT™ para Productores de Olefinas

Cierre la brecha entre la planificación y las operaciones reales con Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology (GDOT). Aspen GDOT alinea la planificación y la programación al optimizar dinámicamente y coordinar múltiples unidades de procesos en tiempo real para garantizar los mejores resultados económicos a nivel sitio de manera consistente y de minuto en minuto. ¡Descargue este brochure para descubrir cómo las empresas están minimizando el regalo de calidad de producto, aumentando la producción, mejorando el rendimiento y mucho más!

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