Acid Gas Removal Optimization - Application Overview

With a better understanding of the acid gas removal unit, engineers can minimize amine solvent costs while meeting specifications. Within Aspen HYSYS, the Acid Gas functionality includes rate-based simulations with 3 specialized property packages for simulating a wide range of systems and amines. Watch this video to learn more.

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Jump Start Guide: Sulsim™ Sulfur Recovery in Aspen HYSYS® V9

Sulsim™ Sulfur Recovery in Aspen HYSYS® V9 Sulsim technology, the leading sulfur recovery process simulator developed by Sulphur Experts, has been fully integrated in V9 of Aspen HYSYS, allowing users to optimize the entire gas plant in one simulator. This jump start guide will elaborate on the benefits of using Sulsim Sulfur Recovery in Aspen HYSYS to optimize your Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) design and operational performance. 


Aspen HYSYS New Feature Comparison Chart

Aspen HYSYS has been updated and improved with additional features over the last few years. From concurrent engineering to integrated gas plant modeling and refinery-wide modeling to streamlined process safety analysis, experience the latest innovations in chemical process simulation. This checklist shows the addition of features and incremental improvements by version.


Learn How You Can Have a Kinetic Model of Any Major Refinery Reactor in Aspen HYSYS

Learn how you can use Aspen HYSYS to develop a rigorous model of any major refinery reactor. Aspen HYSYS offers a complete suite of all major refinery reactor units.

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Acid Gas Cleaning Validation: Liquid Hydrocarbons

Learn about the acid gas removal process and underlying technology for the Acid Gas - Liquid Treating Property Package in Aspen HYSYS used for solvents used for treating liquid hydrocarbons. Validation results

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A Study of Terrain-Induced Slugging in Pipelines Using Aspen Hydraulics Within Aspen HYSYS Upstream

Terrain-induced slugging can cause damage to processing equipment, but predicting slug volumes for sizing slugcatchers is challenging. Learn how Aspen HYSYS can be used to predict slug volumes due to terrain-induced slugging.  

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An Integrated Approach to Pipeline Modeling in a Gathering and Production System

Learn how you can eliminate the need to employ separate third-party tools for pipeline hydraulics by modeling the entire gathering and production system (be it offshore, onshore, topside, etc.) within one tool. Using this new pipeline hydraulics modeling capability, you can optimize the design from a capital and energy perspective, and also ensure the overall safety of the system.

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Best Practices in Modeling Depressurization Systems Using BLOWDOWN™ Technology

Accurate and rigorous design of depressurizing systems — including staggering the release of contents into the flare system to minimize peak loads — is a challenge, but it’s critical to making sure the process operates safely. During this webinar AspenTech safety product experts discuss BLOWDOWN Technology best practices. You’ll also see demonstrations on how to model an entire depressurization system, individually or staggered.


Introducing Staggered Analysis with BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS

Built on BLOWDOWN Technology in Aspen HYSYS, Staggered Analysis is a breakthrough technology for completing the design or validation of disposal systems that sequence the discharge of multiple blowdown valves.


Pipe Flow Hydraulic Analysis- Application Overview

In a market where operational improvements are favored over new construction; pipe flow hydraulic analysis helps achieve incremental improvements that optimize pipeline flow and uptime. Aspen HYSYS Hydraulics for pipeline network modeling allows engineers to analyze flow assurance risks, and integrate this analysis with process models to optimize from the well head through the process facility. Watch this video to learn more.

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