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The Aspen DMC3 Difference

Learn how Aspen DMC3 enables you to shape the economics of APC solutions to meet business objectives and modify the behavior of the controller to fit the needs of any phase of the lifecycle.


Visualization and Analytics for Ad Hoc Problem Solving

Visualization and analysis shorten the duration and severity of production disruptions. This video discusses some of the challenges engineers face in rapidly identifying and responding to disturbances.


Why Migrate to aspenONE Process Explorer?

A guide for users of the legacy Aspen Process Explorer.


Introduction to aspenONE Process Explorer

Demo of aspenONE Process Explorer, the latest visualization technology from AspenTech. It delivers information that is timely, relevant and sharable.


Concurrent Conceptual Engineering - Application Overview

Choosing options and alternatives rapidly and agilely (sometimes called optioneering), empowers engineers to reduce CAPEX when performing conceptual engineering design work. aspenONE Engineering delivers the solution through the only “activated” engineering workflow that seamlessly integrates all design, safety, energy  and project cost estimate functions, concurrently, delivering a lower CAPEX project, sooner. Watch this video to learn more


Centralized Performance Monitoring

Monitor and share your most important KPIs with real-time visibility into asset performance across your enterprise with Centralized Performance Monitoring.


Performance Management

Improve operational performance with real-time visualization to increase visibility, agility and responsive to production problems with performance management.


Process Data Management: As Exciting as Doing the Laundry

The process industry’s big data problem is the need to support the interlocked decisions that drive profitability.  Links to short video on data management for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM).


Faster, Better Decisions Drive Operational Excellence

Quick action shortens the duration of a production problem and yet few companies’ measure and track the response times of their organization.


How KPI Hierarchies Solve the Performance Visibility Problem

Effective KPIs and KPI hierarchies are one of 6 Keys to Improving Operational Effectiveness. A properly designed hierarchy of KPIs, aligned throughout the layers of the organization, will ensure that performance of lower level KPIs will produce corresponding improvements in the highest level KPIs.

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