Ensuring Economic Resiliency in the Upstream Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Refining Sectors

As companies move to cut capital spending, how can they be sure they’re making the right decisions in a volatile environment? Today’s advanced technology offers an answer.


Let’s Talk Shorter Turnarounds and Lower Repair Costs at Downstream 2019

At the Downstream 2019 Exhibition and Conference, we’ll discuss how to turn unplanned downtime into planned downtime, reducing costs and production losses.

White Paper

Pushing the Reliability Envelope: Digital Optimization for the “Always On” Refinery

AspenTech conducted a survey of 240 downstream customers to uncover thoughts and opinions on digital optimization and industry trends for 2018 and beyond. This white paper details the results of the survey and provides the reader with insights on the focus of increased reliability, a top priority for many refinery organizations.

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Digitalization and the Transition to Zero Carbon

Will your current technology help you achieve a zero-carbon future? As industry leaders look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, there are strategies energy companies can employ now to reduce their carbon intensity.


A Random Walk Through the Energy Transition

Navigating the energy transition to net zero operations is a complicated journey for many oil and gas majors. As industry leaders start to shift their focus, they must rely on the power of technology to help them remain agile and improve their future position.


Aspen GDOT™ 供烯烃厂使用

使用Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology(GDOT)缩小计划与实际操作之间的差距。艾斯本 Aspen GDOT 通过实时动态优化和协调多个工艺装置来协调计划和调度目标,以确保现场范围内的最佳经济效果,一致且以分钟为单位。下载本手册,了解公司如何提高吞吐量,提高产量等。


Aspen GDOT™ 供精炼厂使用

使用Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology(GDOT)缩小计划与实际操作之间的差距。艾斯本 GDOT™ 通过实时动态优化和协调多个工艺装置来协调计划和调度目标,以确保现场范围内的最佳经济效果,一致且以分钟为单位。下载本手册,了解公司如何提高吞吐量,提高产量等。

White Paper

하이브리드 모델링: 인공지능과 전문 산업지식의 결합을 통한 공정 자산 최적화

아스펜테크는 퍼스트 프린시플(first principles), 즉 보존 법칙 기반의 공정 시뮬레이션 모델, 전문 지식(domain expertise)을 인공지능 (AI) 및 분석 알고리즘과 통합하는 방법을 개발했습니다. 이를 통해 완성된 하이브리드 모델링 (hybrid modeling) 솔루션을 활용하여 광범위한 데이터 세트를 분석하는 모델을 생성하는 것은 물론, 고도의 전문지식 없이도 정확한 모델을 신속하게 만들 수 있습니다.

White Paper

Seven Keys to Bringing Agility, Resilience and Recovery to Today’s Refineries

The energy industry has been hit hard by current global economic interruptions: rapid drops in demand, a changing mix of preferred products, plummeting crude prices, difficulty staffing essential production sites and fragile supply lines. Energy companies are re-examining their digital capabilities and increasing their focus on digitalization as an essential strategy.

On Demand Webinar

Analyze and Respond to Changing Refinery Conditions in the “New Normal”

Refineries are tasked with finding better ways to navigate today’s extremely disruptive environment. Many companies are operating under a “new normal”, characterized by extremely volatile markets, a depressed demand for products and a non-essential staff working remotely. In this on-demand webinar AspenTech experts share best practices to help you:

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