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Design Air Coolers for Crude Distillation Unit

Step by step instructions on how to design air cooled condensers for a refinery application using Aspen EDR and Aspen HYSYS.


Maintain Refinery Planning Models Using Aspen HYSYS

See how refineries can keep their profit margins high by maintaining their planning models up to date, in the face of changing operating conditions, using built-in capabilities in Aspen HYSYS.


How to Have Rigorous Fired Heater Models Within Your Refinery Process Simulation Flowsheet

See how you can incorporate rigorous models of fired heaters within your refinery process flowsheet so as to improve the fidelity of your process.

On Demand Webinar

Optimize Your Crude Distillation Units Operation With the Latest Innovations From Aspen HYSYS

Crude Distillation Units (CDU) are one of the most critical units impacting a refinery’s profit margin. Refiners have found it challenging to optimize their CDU operations as the complexity of the unit has kept them from simulating the entire unit in one piece. However, with new ‘equation-oriented’ technology in Aspen HYSYS, refineries can build a robust integrated model of their crude distillation column and pre-heat train network. View this webinar and learn how you can improve your CDU operations today!


Connecting the Value Chain: GDOT Addresses Critical Need for Refineries

New technology makes it possible for refineries to tie together the plan and schedule with advanced control, and these capabilities are now integrated with existing AspenTech solutions.


Learn How to Accurately Predict Impact of Operational Changes on Refinery Profit

See how engineers can develop and use a refinery-wide process model in Aspen HYSYS to accurately predict the impact of operational improvements on the refinery’s profit.


Q & A with Sulphur Experts' Ben Walton

A look at where the sulphur industry is going and how Sulphur Experts can help you manage your sulphur recovery unit and tail gas treating unit with tools from AspenTech.


Chinese Customers Earn the First Aspen Associate User Certifications

AspenTech recently delivered the company’s first two-day certification preparation training on Aspen HYSYS and awarded user certifications.

On Demand Webinar

See How Inprocess Optimizes Hydrogen Networks in Refineries—using Aspen HYSYS®

A well-managed hydrogen network can take you one step closer to achieving your operating expense goals. During this free webinar, Inprocess—a technology consulting group serving companies in upstream, downstream, petrochemicals, and gas processing—will share their Hydrogen Network Management solutions and successes using Aspen HYSYS.


Want Accurate Insight into Heat Exchanger Fouling Levels?

Leverage new technology to develop optimal heat exchanger cleaning schedules that save money and maximize throughput.

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