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Uncover Hidden Value with Advanced Solution Analysis in Aspen PIMS-AO

While many companies are using PIMS-AO for its performance (parallel processing), solution quality (avoid local optima) and higher model accuracy (non-linear modelling), each one of the Advanced Solution features can deliver significant benefits – boosting your bottom line. Tap into even more benefits with PIMS-AO’s Advanced Solution Features. Join us and see real-world examples of common business processes such as feedstock selection and operational planning.


Enabling the Future Digital Enterprise

For chemical and oil companies worldwide, digital capabilities will be critical to keep them flourishing in an increasingly global market. The challenge is how to channel all of their data into increased revenue and margin.


Moonshot: Closing the Planning and Execution Gap Through Superior Alignment

The new Supply Chain Management capabilities we unveiled in our V11 software represent our moonshot: a vision for unlocking completely new levels of value creation.


Optimization Among the Windmills

Find out about the margin improvement opportunities European refining and chemical leaders were exploring at our recent seminar in Amsterdam.

Case Study

PEMEX Out-Performs Industry Benchmarks for Major Capital Projects Estimating

Learn how PEMEX achieved less than 15% estimating variance over a five-year period with 30 major refining projects.


Maintaining Planning Tools - Application Overview

Accurate planning models are vital for refineries, to generate plans that boost their profit margins. With the integration between the worlds leading refinery planning solution, Aspen PIMS and the industry standard process simulator Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Tech offers refiners a streamlined workflow that allows them to sustainably maintain planning models, in-house, without relying on 3rd party expertise. Refineries worldwide have benefitted substantially from this solution. Watch this video to learn more.

On Demand Webinar

Latest Innovations in Aspen HYSYS® Streamline Workflows for Improving Refinery Planning Model Accuracy

Learn how you can leverage the latest innovations in Aspen HYSYS to better maintain your refinery planning tools. The streamlined workflow in Aspen HYSYS, enables refineries to update Aspen PIMS™ planning models in-house resulting in more accurate planning models.

Case Study

Global Refinery Deploys Cost Estimation Solution to Accelerate Decision Making and Lower Costs

Phillips66 improves estimating productivity by 85% and reduces estimating variability to +/-15% with a five year before and after analysis of estimates vs. completed projects. Download the case study to learn more.


Secure Your Refinery Profit Margins by Keeping Planning Models Up to Date

See how refineries can keep their profit margins high by maintaining their planning models up to date, in the face of changing operating conditions, using capabilities built in Aspen HYSYS.


Learn How to Design an Air Cooler with Aspen EDR

See how to design an air cooler using Aspen EDR and Aspen HYSYS, for the overhead condenser of a crude distillation unit in a refinery.

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