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Optimize Refining Operations Using Plant Digital Twin Based on Molecular Modeling

Finding ways to use petroleum resources while meeting the increasing demand for high-quality products and environmental regulations is one of the key challenges faced by the refining industry.

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Optimize Pipeline Flow and Uptime with Pipe Flow Hydraulic Analysis in Aspen HYSYS®

Aspen HYSYS® Hydraulics for pipeline network modeling allows engineers to analyze flow assurance risks and integrate analysis with process models to optimize from the wellhead through the process facility. This technical webinar will be focused on introducing new users to pipe flow hydraulic analysis. Learn how you can gain pipeline hydraulic insights with an intuitive setup that is powerful, advanced and integrated.

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AspenTechのパフォーマンスエンジニアリングソリューションは、エンジニアリングの生産性とコラボレーションの向上をサポートします。 このホワイトペーパーでは、同時プロセスエンジニアリングとライフサイクルプロジェクトの経済性を活用して、入札、プロジェクトの実行、およびデジタルプロジェクトデータの顧客への引き渡しをより機敏にする方法をご紹介します。

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More Than Monitoring: Make Data Driven Operational Decisions with Aspen HYSYS®

Solving operational problems and making decisions requires experience and sound engineering know-how. While traditional rules-of-thumb and heuristic approaches can help, steps for improving operations remain unclear, processes grow too complex and operations are left suboptimal. By using Aspen HYSYS®, Aspen Online and plant data from a data historian such as InfoPlus.21®, you can quickly identify issues and find solutions. Discover how to achieve reliable operations with model-backed intelligence.


Managing Reinvention: The Oil & Gas Industry's Challenge Post-COVID

This report, written by Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, discusses the findings of a survey assessing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the global energy industry. The survey, a collaboration between Crystol Energy and AspenTech, was completed in November 2020. Download this comprehensive and informative report to learn more about the survey's key findings.

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On-Demand Webinar: Learn How to Develop a High-Fidelity Digital Twin of Your Hydrocracker Unit

Right when most refineries are preparing to meet the new IMO regulations on sulfur emissions, AspenTech launched the molecule-based hydrocracker simulation model in Aspen HYSYS® V11. This model computes reaction kinetics at the molecular level, significantly enhancing prediction accuracy. View this webinar and learn from our experts how you can use this hydrocracker reactor model to gain enhanced accuracy in predicting product yields and properties, insights into product properties such as amount of sulfur species and much more! Discover how you can leverage this latest technological innovation to make better operational decisions.

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Learn How Aspen HYSYS® Offers Refiners Streamlined Workflows to Update Refinery Planning

It’s critical to make sure your refinery planning models are in sync with changes in operating conditions or catalysts. However, the extensive effort required to update planning models means that many refineries are dependent on external consultants — thereby hindering regular updates and leading to lost profits. The latest innovations in Aspen HYSYS® give users a streamlined workflow, so refineries can update their Aspen PIMS™ planning models in-house, reduce the time and effort required for updates, and much more. Learn how you can leverage Aspen HYSYS® to boost profits through greater planning model accuracy!

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Hybrid Modeling: AI and Domain Expertise Combine to Optimize Assets

AspenTech has invented a method for integrating first principles-based process simulation models and domain expertise with AI and analytics algorithms. The result is a hybrid modeling system that delivers a comprehensive, accurate model more quickly without requiring significant expertise.

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Industrial AI Accelerates Digital Transformation for Capital-Intensive Industries

In light of today’s unprecedented workforce shifts and market volatility, industrial organizations need the capabilities from Industrial AI applications to derive business outcomes and remain relevant. More importantly, Industrial AI as a driver of operational excellence will facilitate the transition to the new business models that will be necessary to compete.

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Aspen Competency Development and Sustainment

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