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Enabling Agile: How Hexion uses Sales and Operations Execution to Enable Business Transformation

Agile has traditionally been used for software product development, however, it can also be applied as a key enabler for supply chain transformation. Hexion, a global specialty chemical company, has applied Agile to improve supply chain processes, driven by Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE), across 45 global production sites.

Case Study

Cómo Braskem Idesa incrementó su tiempo útil en más de 20% utilizando datos y recursos existentes

En este caso de estudio, conozca cómo Braskem Idesa utilizó Aspen ProMV ™ para identificar y corregir de manera proactiva y de acuerdo a las condiciones históricas que llevaron a una mayor velocidad de ensuciamiento.

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How Digitalization Helps EPCs Profit from the “Next Normal” in Engineering & Construction

According to a June 2020 McKinsey report, “The Next Normal in Construction,” EPCs have an opportunity to double their profitability by embracing a handful of “emerging disruptors.” One of these disruptors, digitalization of processes, is within reach of most EPCs and aligns with initiatives already underway at many firms. Join us to learn more about:

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Webinar with Stork: Maintenance Maturity and APM 4.0

As predictive and prescriptive analytics become better understood across industries, companies are putting new focus on maintenance maturity and the use of digital technologies. They’re realizing that having a robust maintenance program means leveraging APM technology—and their data—to the fullest advantage.


Preparing for Paris

Digitalization is essential to supporting corporate sustainability goals given the renewed global focus on energy consumption, carbon reduction and efficiency.

Aspen MES Collaborative for InfoPlus21

Understand how Aspen MES Collaborative™ for InfoPlus.21® helps you gain actionable intelligence 24/7 to better optimize production.

Press Release

Aspen Technology Appoints Jill D. Smith to its Board of Directors

Aspen Technology Appoints Jill D. Smith to its Board of Directors

Interactive Infographic

Defining the Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin and what does it do? View this infographic to learn what a digital twin is and how it provides important insight on system performance enabling companies to optimize operations and reduce costs by maximizing uptime with real-time recommendations.

Interactive Infographic

5 Digital Strategies for Sustainability

This interactive infographic highlights the 5 key digital strategies to help companies reach their sustainability goals.


Aspen AIoT Hub Brochure

The Aspen AIoT Hub is the cloud-ready Industrial AI infrastructure that delivers the vision for the Self-Optimizing Plant. It provides the integrated data management, edge, and cloud infrastructure, and a production-grade AI environment to build, deploy and host Industrial AI applications at enterprise speed and scale to unlock the value from industrial data across plants and the enterprise. Read this brochure to learn more.

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