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Como a Braskem Idesa Aumentou o Tempo Operativo do Reator em mais de 20% Usando Datos e Recursos Existentes

Neste estudo de caso, saiba como a Braskem Idesa usou o Aspen ProMV™ para identificar e corregir em forma proativa condições que históricamente levaram ao entumpimento dos reatores altos.


Considerations for a Mine Maintenance Program

The era of the intelligent mine is here and the maintenance department of the future will use insight to improve its decision-making ability based on data.

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Reducing the Green Premium - Technology Enablers to Accelerate Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Development

Hydrogen and carbon capture have become focal points as energy and chemical companies look to reduce emissions and achieve net-zero carbon targets. But what’s the best approach?


New Paradigms of Sustainable Value in 2021

As energy companies shift to a new normal due to the pandemic, the energy transition continues to gain strong momentum. Industry leaders are focused on meeting aggressive sustainability targets and are making investments in digitalization to accelerate innovation.

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Convergence of AI and IIoT

The confluence of AI and IIoT technological forces gives rise to a new digital solution category – the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) – that centers on unlocking the hidden business value in industrial data. This category describes the combination of AI technologies with the IIoT to enable the next-generation of Industrial AI infrastructure, allowing organizations to achieve more efficient IIoT operations, enable seamless human-machine workflows, harmonize industrial data management, and rapidly transform raw data into tangible business outcomes.

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Aspen Technology Announces Keynote Panelists for OPTIMIZE™ 2021

Aspen Technology Announces Keynote Panelists for OPTIMIZE 2021

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COVID-19 and the Energy Industry – A Transitory Shock or New Path?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused acute disruptions the world over. The energy sector, in particular, has been severely impacted raising questions like:


Aspen Hybrid Models™ – 비디오 (한글 자막)

이 비디오에서는 아스펜 하이브리드 모델™(Aspen Hybrid Models™)이 어떻게 보존 법칙 (First Principles) 기반의 공정 시뮬레이션 모델과 인공지능 (AI), 전문 산업 지식 (Domain Expertise)을 통합하여 고도의 전문성 없이도 포괄적이고 정확한 모델을 신속하게 제공하는지를 설명합니다.

Interactive Infographic

Top Five Things to Know About Hybrid Models

What is a Hybrid Model and what does it do? In this infographic you will be guided through "The Top Five Things to Know About Hybrid Models." Learn how Industrial AI-powered hybrid modeling dramatically improves the Design, Operation and Maintenance of plants to accelerate your profit, safety and sustainability goals.

Acid Gas Removal Optimization

Optimize design and lower energy cost while meeting specifications with predictive, rate-based models and specialized physical properties.

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