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Improve Your Refinery Reactor Operations Using Kinetic Simulation Models in Aspen HYSYS®

Refinery reactors are critical units of any refinery, affecting both the quality and yield of products. Kinetic simulation models of reactor units help refineries get the most from these complex processes. Aspen HYSYS offers a complete suite of kinetic models for all major refinery reactor units, which has provided refineries worldwide with benefits worth millions of dollars from operational improvements. Learn how you can leverage the latest innovations in Aspen HYSYS to improve your refinery operations.


Aspen Remote Services

Since the pandemic’s onset, companies have had to learn how to navigate huge shifts in demand, supply, workforce and economics. The transition to a more remote workforce and an increase in digital technologies is happening quickly. Aspen Remote Services is a service methodology by which the service work is conducted remotely and securely through virtual and digital technology. This methodology offers agility and cost advantages compared to on-premise services. It also provides these key benefits:


Chemicals' Challenges on the Way to a Circular Economy

Solutions that address the challenge of the circular economy exact particular demands for the chemical industry. Products and processes must be redesigned to cut emissions and waste and extend material use systems.

Aspen Fleet Forecasting

Improve the accuracy of your demand forecasting to support transportation scheduling with Aspen Fleet Forecasting.

Press Release

Aspen Technology, L&T Technology Services Partner to Deliver Engineering Solutions Through Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Aspen Technology LandT Technology Services Partner to Deliver Engineering Solutions

Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager

Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager generates accurate forecasts and trends with improved visualization of historical and real-time market data.

Aspen Plant Scheduler

Aspen Plant Scheduler offers flexible, comprehensive modeling to reduce costs and increase throughput by creating and managing asset schedules.

White Paper

Kickstarting Your Predictive Maintenance Journey with Existing Data and Resources

This white paper considers the challenges power generation operators face today and the forces that are driving demand for more proactive maintenance strategies. Gain insight into predictive maintenance that is being used to create a more comprehensive, correlated, efficient and effective environment for the collection, management,analysis and presentation of data. Discover the critical differences that make predictive maintenance a much more efficient and effective alternative to planned and condition based maintenance methodologies.


Aspen Supply Chain Planner

Maximize business profitability by determining the optimal production plan for even the most complex supply chains. Download this Aspen Supply Chain Planner brochure to learn more.

Aspen Supply Chain Planner

AspenTech’s Supply Chain Planning Software maximizes profitability using an optimized supply plan that simultaneously considers costs and constraints.

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