Bulk Chemical Process Improvement - Application Overview

"Competition can be fierce in the bulk chemical market, but boosting bulk chemical quality, throughput and trimming energy costs builds profits and provides competitive advantages. Apsen Plus will help to improve production rates, yield, energy efficiency and quality through rigorous process modeling tools. watch this video to learn more "


Environmental & Safety Analysis - Application Overview

Using AspenTech’s solutions for Environmental and Safety Analyses, engineers are empowered to reduce emissions and mitigate incidents. With aspenONE Engineering, harness the power of greenhouse gas tracking & overpressure protection in a design environment trusted for its accuracy. With this view, intuitively assess new process designs, over pressure analysis, and Greenhouse gas emissions with Utility costs & usage. Watch now to learn more.


Solid Process Optimization - Application Overview

When handling processes involving solids, it is often difficult to balance equipment performance and operating conditions with product quality. By applying Aspen Plus to manage these key processing steps, take advantage of rigorous solids handling in a flowsheet to more easily deliver consistent quality of solids. Watch now to learn more.

Case Study

The Innovation Fast Track: Saving Time and Money in New Product Development

Learn how Qenos uses Aspen Plus® batch modeling to gain valuable insight into their processes, allowing them to respond to changing customer requirements with fewer plant trials and experiments.

On Demand Webinar

Quick and Easy Batch Modeling within Aspen Plus®

Learn how batch processing industries can take advantage of new batch modeling capabilities within Aspen Plus to guide experimentation and streamline new process development. Filippo Dama, senior product manager at AspenTech, demonstrates how you can accelerate process design, facilitate collaboration and reduce the time to market for new products.


Integrated Batch Modeling in Aspen Plus

Batch modeling is easier than ever. See how batch modeling inside Aspen Plus v10 can help you design and optimize processes to reduce batch cycle times, optimize conditions for product quality, and accelerate scale-up for new products.


Optimization with Custom Equipment - Application Overview

With custom modeling capabilities, engineers are empowered to eliminate barriers to optimize processes with special equipment and operations. With AspenTech’s custom modeling solution, take advantage of flowsheet style simulations, rich plotting, the ability to link models to excel, and built-in property data to build easy custom processes for chemical engineers. Watch now to learn more.


Recipe Based Process Scale Up - Application Overview

With Recipe-based modeling, chemists and engineers can work together to develop new processes faster, remove equipment and schedule limitations, and transfer technology smoothly between sites and departments.  With Aspen Batch Process Developer use recipe-based modeling solutions to develop your batch process from lab to plant using models that grow with the scale of your batch process.  Watch now to learn more.

White Paper

Three Essential Operations in a Plant: Simulation Models Turn Innovative Ideas Into Reality

Whether it’s a pilot plant or a complex petrochemical plant, these facilities rarely run like a well-oiled machine. There are always unknown variable dependencies that are difficult to understand, and there’s substantial room for improvement. In many situations, optimization is not the focus for plants because there are issues with reliability and safety that take precedence. Does this sound familiar? The ability to simplify job tasks and boost efficiency will greatly enhance plant performance but also, make your job easier

Case Study

혁신을 위한 패스트 트랙: 신제품 개발 시간 및 비용 절감

Qenos 사가 Aspen Plus®의 회분식 모델링을 어떻게 자사의 공정에 적용하여 변화하는 고객의 요구에 맞춰 플랜트 검증 단계를 최소화하고, 고객 맞춤형 제품을 신속하게 시장에 공급할 수 있었는지 실제 사례를 소개합니다.

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