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Realice análisis de costos relativos desde un simulador

Cuando se está en la fase de desarrollo del proceso el comprender las consecuencias económicas de las decisiones generalmente requiere que un ingeniero de proceso y un estimador pasen las hojas de datos y las condiciones de proceso de un lado a otro. Con Activated Economics puede obtener las aproximaciones económicas inmediatamente mientras construye la configuración de su proceso sin necesidad de cambiar entre distintos programas de software.

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APAC Webinar (English) - Making Difficult CAPEX and OPEX Decisions in Uncertain Times

How are you using technology to make CAPEX and OPEX tradeoff decisions in the current volatile market? Many industry leaders are leveraging digitalization in their scenario planning to respond to fast changing conditions while minimizing the impact on business.

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Webinar with GSK and Wood - Digitalization at Work: Increasing Visibility, Improving Performance and Safety

Where are you in your digitalization journey? Given recent market volatility, many companies are benefiting from early adoption of digital technologies. Innovations like AI and data analytics improve response times and help keep assets running safely and more cost-effectively.

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ウェビナー(日本語)- Aspen Adsorptionの活用事例紹介

Aspen Adsorptionは、圧力スイング吸着(PSA)や温度スイング吸着(TSA)などの非定常のガス吸着プロセスのシミュレーションソフトで、吸着プロセスの設計や最適化などに利用されています。このセッションでは、Aspen Adsorptionの概要説明、事例紹介、および、デモンストレーションを行います。

Engineering Procurement and Construction

With fewer, smaller projects to bid on, EPCs need to take advantage of every opportunity available and even create some new ones. AspenTech can help you win more work, do more with less, and find new sources of revenue.

Aspen Petroleum Refining

Maximize throughput and crude flexibiity by making effective operations decisions and promoting collaoration with planning using a refinery-wide simulation solution..

Aspen Capital Cost Estimator Online Trials

Accelerate project execution by using volumetric models and one common costing method from conceptual to detailed engineering, leveraging the speed and agility of the market-leading cost estimation solution.

Aspen Energy Analyzer and Aspen Utilities

Maximize energy efficiency using the insights and energy-saving suggestions provided by pinch technology and utility planning solutions.

Aspen Flare System Analyzer

Reduce overdesign and lower CAPEX by optimizing flare system networks and process design simultaneously with a fast, trusted, integrated solution.

Aspen Custom Modeler

Optimize processes with specialized equipment by creating and sharing custom high-fidelity models with trusted accuracy and flexible workflows.

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