Driving digital transformation for today's industrial enterprises

Microsoft and AspenTech Working Together

AspenTech and Microsoft are working together to optimize assets to run safer, greener, longer and faster.

Together, Microsoft’s end-to-end solutions and our deep domain expertise provides asset-intensive industries with a scalable, trusted data environment that delivers the insights you need to advance advancing performance, resiliency and sustainability.

As partners, we are innovating to achieve operational excellence and empowering the workforce by unlocking new levels of efficiency and reliability.

Better Together: Aspen Technology and Microsoft

AspenTech and Microsoft have joined together to help leading companies accelerate their industrial digital transformation and their cloud journey. With our comprehensive, holistic, scalable approach, we are helping our customers achieve the highest possible value over the entire asset lifecycle—safer, greener, longer and faster.

Better Together: Sustainability Solutions

As companies look to advance their sustainability projects to meet net-zero goals, they are working with AspenTech and Microsoft. Together, our solutions enable you to:

  • Accelerate green hydrogen production and transportation
  • Leverage extensive domain expertise to quickly scale usage
  • Run operations more safely, sustainably and profitably

Creating a World that Doesn't Break Down

Aspen Mtell® is an advanced prescriptive maintenance solution that allows you to predict equipment failures and detect deviations from normal behavior using Industrial AI technology, helping you increase equipment reliability and maintain sustainable operations.

Connect Self-optimizing Plants to the Value Chain at Every Level

aspenONE® Supply Chain Management enables process industries to model and optimize supply chain planning and scheduling. Leverage your supply chain to drive agility and profitability while achieving sustainability goals.

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