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Microsoft and AspenTech Working Together

AspenTech is proud to be a Microsoft Gold partner, collaborating and establishing a close working relationship through this widely-recognized program. Our ongoing partnership has proven that these two market leaders are truly are better together, connecting assets, measuring their performance and improving business outcomes.

AspenTech and Microsoft unlock the value of Industrial AI data for our customers across industries. With Microsoft's end-to-end solutions in the cloud and AspenTech’s deep industry expertise, together we provide capital-intensive industries with a scalable, trusted data environment that delivers the insights needed to optimize asset, plant and enterprise performance and reliability.

“Aspen Technology, combined with Microsoft Azure, connects critical assets to the enterprise, helping manufacturing and other industrial customers realize the benefits of digital transformation and IIoT.”
— Çağlayan Arkan, General Manager, Worldwide Manufacturing and Resources Industry at Microsoft Corp.

Working Together: Aspen Cloud Connect™ and Azure

Aspen Cloud Connect is a data integration solution built for industrial enterprises with diverse historians and data sources. It links data from multiple sources to Azure and transmits both live and historical data to its destinations. Aspen Cloud Connect enables Aspen InfoPlus.21® tagged data or third-party enterprise data to be streamed to on-premises or cloud-based AspenTech products or applications.

Watch how to configure Aspen Cloud Connect to collect tagged data from an Aspen InfoPlus.21 server and upload it in onto Azure IoT Hub.

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