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Six Keys to Building Resilience, Agility and Recovery for the Chemical Industry

In the current extreme VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment, chemical producers are learning the importance of operating with insight and agility. At the same time, companies are being tested for the depth of their resilience, and learning how to navigate huge shifts in demand, supply, workforce and economics, and emerge from this crisis in a stronger position.

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Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Sustainability is no longer an option—it’s an imperative. Awareness and alarm about the impact of human activity on the environment has begun to shift buying and investment behavior around the world. Increasing energy use, resource depletion and waste generation are creating an urgency to rethink current consumer and business practices, and specifically to address priorities related to sustainability.

Case Study

PEMEX agiliza la ejecución de proyectos con diseño optimizado y estimación de costo

Descubra por qué PEMEX eligió una solución de aspenONE para ayudarlo a construir un Centro de Excelencia para impulsar el rendimiento operativo.

White Paper

Four Keys to Agility and Resilience for EPCs

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms with a large presence in the process industries are preparing for a major disruption to their business. The now inevitable scaling back, delaying or cancelling of projects will have a tremendous effect on these companies. A top priority for EPCs, which typically operate on very thin margins and own few assets, will be preserving cash.

White Paper

Five Keys to Agility and Resilience through Digitalization for Upstream Oil and Gas

The upstream oil and gas sector has faced a variety of challenges such as unpredictable oil prices, changing patterns of demand and ensuring safe working conditions at remote sites. Accelerated digitalization programs, particularly those that include digital twin technology, can provide agility and resilience to better handle future market uncertainty and lay the foundation for longer term competitive advantage.

Executive Brief

Executive Brief: EPC Perspectives - Generating New Revenue Streams from Plant Operations & Maintenance

This executive brief highlights the results of a recent survey conducted with Oil & Gas Journal on how EPC firms are pursuing new sources of revenue from the operations and maintenance phases of a project lifecycle.


Digitally Enabled Reliability: Beyond Predictive Maintenance in Mining

Real-time condition-based monitoring of assets is an attractive solution for mining companies to minimize their unscheduled downtime and improve reliability of critical equipment. The success of an asset monitoring program depends on how well this data is analyzed, filtered and categorized to enable accurate predictions of impending failures. Focusing on the behavior of an asset only tells a small portion of the story. To fully predict failures, the trends of the entire process must be considered as a whole.

White Paper

Digital Twin y la empresa inteligente

En todo el mundo, las organizaciones lideres están adaptando e implementado tecnologías digitales avanzadas. La travesía de transformación digital cambiará la naturaleza de las industrias intensivas de activos, particularmente los negocios de energía y químicos. En ese contexto, Digital Twin — (copias virtuales de activos físicos y sus comportamientos operativos) tendrán papeles clave. Para los gemelos digitales que creemos hoy, un concepto clave es la inteligencia artificial que proporciona información y asesoramiento sobre los datos virtuales. Descargue este White Paper para conocer sobre estas claves esenciales en su estrategia de digital twin:


Brochure Aspen ProMV

Aspen ProMV lo ayuda a encontrar las fuentes subyacentes reales de variación en los procesos de producción. Conozca cómo empresas como FMC Corporation y Mitsubishi Chemicals están utilizando este software para estabilizar la calidad, el rendimiento y la productividad.

On Demand Webinar

Webinar con YPFB: Cómo optimizar la producción de upstream utilizando un gemelo digital

YPFB es la petrolera nacional de Bolivia y es un productor clave en la producción de gas en Sudamérica. Su producción empezó a disminuir drásticamente en dos de sus principales campos de gas en Bolivia por lo tanto YPFB necesitaba superar este problema para cumplir con sus obligaciones contractuales. En este webinar aprenda cómo utilizaron un gemelo digital de Aspen HYSYS para solucionar los cuellos de botella de su planta, ductos y estaciones de compresión lo que les permitió:

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