Aspen Petroleum Scheduler

AspenTech's Aspen Petroleum SchedulerTM allows you to simultaneously schedule all key petroleum refinery activities within a single multi-user environment.

Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner

AspenTech's Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner helps you take control of your hydrocarbon distribution network by solving complex transportation issues.

Aspen PIMS

AspenTech's Aspen PIMS planning software is used by over 400 refineries and olefins plants to optimize feedstocks, product slates and capital expansions.

Aspen Plus Dynamics

AspenTech's Aspen Plus Dynamics is a complete solution for solving transient chemical process issues using guided workflows, simulations and templates.

Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting

AspenTech's Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting software helps you create daily production reconciliation and measure performance with confidence.

Aspen Operator Training

AspenTech's DCS-Agnostic OTS solution uses dynamic simulation from start-to-end to deploy DCS-agnostic maintainable operator training sooner.

Aspen Petroleum Refining

Aspen Petroleum Refining solution helps refineries maximize crude flexibility and optimize throughput using advanced refinery-wide simulation.

Aspen OnLine

Aspen OnLine maximizes operating profitability with real-time operational guidance using live data matched with process simulation.

Aspen Nonlinear Controller

AspenTech's Nonlinear Controller enables you to reduce catalyst usage, increase capacity and maintain quality with advanced process control technology.

Aspen InfoPlus21

AspenTech's Aspen InfoPlus.21 reduces downtime and improves work practices in real-time from multiple sources to help increase profitability.

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