Technip, SES and WRE on Improved Workflows for a Changing Business Climate

Technip, SES and WRE Provide compelling statements on reducing estimating by 50% time and 60-70% man-hours through using ACCE and integrated workflow.


Achieving Capital Project Efficiency

With rising capital cost overruns and more projects falling behind schedule, EPCs need an estimating system that enables them to bid on projects precisely and efficiently. Hear Ron Beck, Director of Industry Marketing at AspenTech, describe the unique benefits of Aspen Capital Cost Estimator compared to traditional estimating approaches.

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Model-Based Conceptual Estimating for Better Bidding and Project Control

Learn more about how a model-based estimating system is structured. How does ACCE differ from my proprietary Excel-based spreadsheets?

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Methods, Models & Data Behind Industry Leading Cost Estimation Software

Discover why Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE) is much more than just a spreadsheet or database. ACCE is a comprehensive lifecycle estimating solution capable of AACE Class IV through Class II estimates, using over 30 years of built-in knowledge spanning several engineering disciplines, including chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical.

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Calibrating Aspen Capital Cost Estimator for Increased Accuracy featuring Strategic Estimating Systems

Learn how Strategic Estimating Systems leverages past projects when using Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (ACCE) to significantly increase the accuracy of estimates. See how you can easily calibrate and index ACCE to: incorporate historical data using best practices, improve the approach to estimating projects in different regions and increase efficiency while developing a consistent workflow.

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Beyond the Spreadsheet: Introduction to ACCE for Improved Estimating Speed and Accuracy

Learn how ACCE differs from proprietary spread sheets used in capital cost estimating.  Reduce your errors, time checking work with a workflow that incorporates an "Engineer in a Box".

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Make Your Estimate a True Strategic Weapon

Adoption of ACCE can easily follow a known process that leverages organizational alignment, implementation of the software and a change in workflow processes that maximizes benefits.


Win the Bidding Game

Win the bidding game! Maximize effectiveness with organizational alignment, implementation of software and a change in workflow process.

Case Study

Mid-Size EPC Reduces Cost Estimating Time Up to 90% to Meet Tighter Schedules and Budgets

Learn how S&B reduces estimating man-hours by between 50-80% depending on project stage through use of ACCE on all bids and estimates.

Case Study

Global Engineering Organization Improves Bids and Estimates with Aspen Capital Cost Estimator

Linde Engineering North America monitors construction costs and progress using ACCE linked to 3D models driving down the cost of the estimate.

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