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Aspen ProMV는 생산 공정 내 변동의 실제 근본 원인을 발견할 수 있도록 지원합니다. FMC Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemicals와 같은 기업들이 어떻게 이 소프트웨어를 활용하여 제품의 품질과 수율, 생산성을 안정적으로 개선헸는지 알아보십시오.


Preparing for the 2030 Engineer

The engineers of 2030 will come to the workforce equipped with a much different skill set – and set of expectations for their employers.





Prescriptive Insight in 2 ½ Weeks

View this infographic to see how prescriptive maintenance early adopters are reducing downtime and improving reliability – with results in as little as 2 ½ weeks.

Case Study

Aspen Mtell® Machine Learning Finds Cause of Compressor Failures at LNG Facility

Read how this LNG facility used Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance to provide up to 61 days advance notice of catastrophic compressor failures, preventing an economic loss of more than $40M USD per occurrence. Quick to implement and readily scalable, the solution provided key insights into the root cause of the failures.

Case Study

Prescriptive Maintenance Software Helps Saras Improve Business Performance and Drive Operational Excellence

As part of an effort to drive reliability in its refinery operations, Saras turned to Aspen Mtell® prescriptive maintenance to improve equipment uptime and decrease maintenance costs.

Case Study

规范性维护软件帮助Saras 提升经营绩效并推动卓越运营

Saras拥有地中海最复杂的炼油厂,每天的炼油产能为30万桶。作为数字化项目的一部分,他们正在评估如何提高资本和资产密集型炼油厂运营的可靠性。他们选择了AspenMtell,基于一个竞争性试点项目选择过程,最初的重点集中在关键炼油设备上,比如大型压缩机和水泵。 Aspen Mtell通过挖掘历史和实时操作以及维护数据来发现资产性能下降和故障发生之前的精确特征,预测未来故障并制定详细的行动以缓解或解决问题。


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Energy Industry

Technologies incorporating AI and machine learning can deliver substantial value to refineries, improving OEE and preventing production losses.


What is Operational Excellence and Where Does Maintenance Analytics Fit?

Maintenance analytics are a key component in driving utilization to achieve operational excellence.


Who's Excited for the 34th Annual International Maintenance Conference?

Get tips on what to expect at IMC next week... networking with and learning from the brightest leaders in reliability and asset management.

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