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Using Digital Twins to Solve Operational Challenges in Chemicals

Digital transformation success in the chemicals industry requires a comprehensive, holistic approach that looks at the entire asset lifecycle – from design through operations and maintenance. During this webinar, you will learn how Braskem used plant digital twin models with performance engineering solutions to avoid operability issues, adapt to product shifts and reduce costs.

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Webinar with Covestro and Wood: How Reliability Modeling Changes the Game in Asset Design and Operations

Accurately predicting the performance of complex, integrated facilities has been an ongoing challenge for capital-intensive industries. However, new innovations in digital technology are helping companies dramatically reduce costs, improve performance and increase revenues. Join industry leaders Covestro and Wood as they share their experiences with reliability modeling software at sites around the world. Hear about their challenges and successes in simulating a range of design and operational scenarios to drive smarter decision making across the organization.

On Demand Webinar

Webinar with GSK and Wood - Digitalization at Work: Increasing Visibility, Improving Performance and Safety

Where are you in your digitalization journey? Given recent market volatility, many companies are benefiting from early adoption of digital technologies. Innovations like AI and data analytics improve response times and help keep assets running safely and more cost-effectively. Join industry leaders GSK and Wood as they detail progress with their digital strategies including insight into deployment across multiple sites around the world. Hear about their challenges and successes in bringing extended transparency to operations to improve decision making, adapt quickly to new demands and maximize uptime.


Progressive Railroading - The Next Wave of Technological Wonders

“Automation also can help identify issues before something critical fails. Finding problems as early as possible helps improve asset management,” says CSX Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Cindy Sanborn. Read this article to learn more about CSX’s exciting project with Mtell, which uses patented machine learning technologies with industrial assets to perform predictive maintenance which no longer runs parts to failure.


On the Road to Digital

This article, featured in The Chemical Engineer, discusses why operators often struggle to know where to begin to digitally transform. AspenTech's Paige Morse outlines how many operations, particularly in specialties, have become increasingly complex as customers demand higher levels of performance and quality and a greater range of options from producers. Operators realize they need to diversify product lines to meet these increasingly sophisticated needs. Download this article to learn more.

Case Study

Borealis Achieves Faster Run Times and Better Quality Planning Solutions with Aspen PIMS-AO

Learn how Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, implemented Aspen PIMS-AO to support the optimization team and bring about better decision-making for more profitable results. This case study also explores how Borealis achieved dramatically faster run time, employed nonlinear modeling, and deployed planning models to a centralized, virtual environment.

Case Study

Aspen Mtell® Machine Learning Finds Cause of Compressor Failures at LNG Facility

Read how this LNG facility used Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance to provide up to 61 days advance notice of catastrophic compressor failures, preventing an economic loss of more than $40M USD per occurrence. Quick to implement and readily scalable, the solution provided key insights into the root cause of the failures.


Process Safety Analysis - Application Overview

By eliminating conservatism in Process Safety Analyses, engineers are empowered to minimize costs without compromising safety. With aspenONE Engineering, you have access to a complete overpressure protection solution all within a product trusted for its accuracy that is intuitive and streamlined. Watch this video now to learn more. 

Case Study

Digital Transformation with Predictive Maintenance Drives Cost Savings

Read how this large energy company used Aspen Mtell to get notification of pending failures in a hydrogen compressor more than 35 days in advance—enabling as much as $30M USD in potential savings by planning the shutdown to minimize production losses.

Executive Brief

Tecnologías operativas de última generación:Facilitar la empresa inteligente en un mundo cambiante

A medida que las organizaciones en todo el mundo buscan la manera de prosperar en medio de condiciones de mercado volátiles, inciertas, complejas y ambiguas (VUCA por sus siglas en inglés), muchas recurren a las tecnologías de la Industria 4.0 y a las nuevas capacidades de IA para obtener una ventaja competitiva. Descargue este documento para aprender cómo los líderes del mañana crearán no solo la empresa digital, sino una empresa del futuro que sea verdaderamente inteligente, y de igual forma podrán alcanzar la excelencia operativa que será sostenible independientemente de las condiciones del mercado.

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