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December 04, 2023

AspenTech has a 40+ year history of data-driven value creation with a myriad of tools and solutions in areas like asset performance management, performance engineering, manufacturing and supply chain and others. Today though, a big challenge remains. This elephant in the room that has been ignored or underutilized for far too long: data.

Last month my colleague Lina Liberti shared an overview of the exciting improvements available in the new releases of aspenONE®. These improvements further demonstrate AspenTech’s commitment to excellence in the industrial data management, and helping customers address this challenge.

The AspenTech DataWorks team has spent the last nine months improving capabilities to better help our customers harness their disparate data sources. We have improved our best-in-class data management capabilities by working across AspenTech’s portfolio to enable new value-added use cases while identifying opportunities to improve data access for end-use applications critical to our customers day-to-day operations. Here are a few highlights released in previous weeks.

AspenTech Inmation Ready

AspenTech Inmation™ is AspenTech’s data hub. To be clear, it is not just a data hub offering from AspenTech, it is the data hub for key AspenTech applications, including:

  • Aspen InfoPlus.21® (IP.21) and aspenONE Process Explorer™ (A1PE)
    Connectivity of IP.21 historian data to AspenTech Inmation provides true enterprise data aggregation and contextualization. This capability is managed centrally, easy to set up, deploy, and maintain.

A1PE for AspenTech Inmation gives the user a familiar tool at a different level with no additional training required, allowing feature-rich, real-time data visualizations, ad-hoc reporting and analysis on the data. These are new opportunities for value creation and additional ROI on existing IP.21 and A1PE investments.

  • Aspen Mtell®
    Aspen Mtell, our leading prescriptive and predictive maintenance offering, runs on data. By using autonomous AI and machine learning “agents” Aspen Mtell gathers information about the state of equipment by monitoring assets 24 hours a day. Enabling data-driven decision making, Aspen Mtell provides fast time-to-value by reducing maintenance costs and downtime. AspenTech Inmation native integration provides seamless data handling, quickly and easily supplying disparate data types to Aspen Mtell's predictive engine.

Highlighting a New Use Case

We are developing and discovering new ways to make data easier with new use cases for AspenTech Inmation including synergies between AspenTech Inmation and Aspen Schedule Explorer ™. With an established connection between these two products, schedulers can gain insight into the state of their production activities and where delays are, enabling agile decision making and real-time collaboration across the entire manufacturing site.

Production disruptions are often unavoidable in the life of a scheduler. In this scheduling use case, AspenTech Inmation monitors data from Aspen Production Record Manager™ (APRM) to alert stakeholders of key production events. This capability enables agile, data-driven decision making and faster responses to production disruptions resulting in flawless execution.


AspenTech’s customers realize value from our solutions and provide useful, actionable feedback for continued improvements through our Voice of the Customer program. We’ve had an incredible response with overwhelming positive feedback on our webinars, videos, and blogs, all focused on addressing the data challenges they face. To those of us in the data trenches this means a couple things. First, the challenge data management poses is real and incredibly difficult for our customers to solve without having the correct tools. Second, our expertise and solutions are having an impact!

For more information on the new capabilities now available in aspenONE, join us on December 6th for a live webinar featuring the experts on the AspenTech DataWorks, the AspenTech Supply Chain Management (SCM) and AspenTech Asset Performance Management (APM) teams.

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