AspenTech and BPCL Win Digital Transformation Award for Production Excellence

October 05, 2023

Last week, AspenTech and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) were pleased to jointly accept the Digital Transformation Award for Production Excellence presented by the Confederation of India Industry (CII)-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation during its 5th annual event in New Delhi.  The award recognizes the innovative, resilient and sustainable strategies for the introduction or adoption of digital technologies and serves as a benchmark for other industries in their journey towards digital transformation.



Co-innovation Driving Sustainability

Earlier this year, AspenTech announced that its process simulation and optimization expertise was being integrated with BPCL’s real-time crude assaying platform. The collaboration was undertaken as part of BPCL’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

AspenTech’s process simulation solution, Aspen HYSYS® and its feedstock optimization solution, Aspen PIMS™, are being integrated into BPCL’s BPMARRK®, a patented technology for predicting detailed refining characteristics of crude oils, to achieve greater agility and more accurate decision-making in feedstock selection, monitoring and optimization of crude distillation units performance.

Mr. Sanjay Khanna, Director (Refineries) at BPCL says “Refiners often process mix of crude oils, for which accurate assay is unavailable on real-time basis. Variations in crude quality, as well as lack of reliable crude assay information makes the task of real-time optimization extremely challenging, if not impossible.”

“BPMARRK® generates the entire assay within one hour, as compared to several weeks through conventional laboratory methods, and it predicts detailed Crude Oil Assay with more than 500 data information of any unknown crude oil within 2 – 5 minutes making it extremely useful for real-time applications,” he further noted.

“BPMARRK® will benefit our community of users with faster and more accurate decision-making for the characterization of crudes and maximize the refinery profitability,” added Dr. Ravi Kumar V., Head (R&D) at BPCL.In addition, the deployment of digital twin modeling for real-time plant optimization is expected to yield USD 0.3 – 0.5 cost savings per barrel, in terms of energy and manhour savings.



Further Together

This is a timely recognition of a fruitful collaboration between AspenTech and BPCL to ensure operational performance and generate sustainability advances from more informed feedstock selections.

The future of a sustainable digital transformation cannot be addressed alone and AspenTech is honored to be recognized for these collaborative solutions with BPCL. Enabling real-time optimization and faster, more accurate decision-making are vital to both productivity and sustainability goals. To address the challenges of a sustainable future, the road to a digital transformation is best walked together.

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