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AspenTech® Sustainability Sample Models

AspenTech provides over 140 easy-to-use application models that you can adapt to your own initiatives, along with the supporting documentation to help you get started. Models cover areas such as bio-based feedstocks, carbon capture, emissions management, hydrogen economy, materials circularity and more.


aspenONE V14 — Innovation to Address the Dual Challenge

Our customers sit at the forefront of addressing the Dual Challenge – meeting the increasing demand from a growing population but in a sustainable way. The innovations in V14 are designed specifically for this purpose.

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Register today for the premier global event (April 29–May 3 in Houston, TX) for AspenTech customers, including users, operational leaders and executives within asset-intensive industries who are looking to elevate their business performance, improve their resiliency and meet their sustainability targets.


The Self-Optimizing Plant Powered by Industrial AI

Enter the era of autonomy and take the first steps to the self-optimizing plant – a self-learning, self-adapting and self-sustaining operation driven by industrial AI that will start your industrial metaverse journey and help you thrive in any market condition. Watch this video to learn how you can start realizing this vision today.

Case Study

Japanese Manufacturer Uses Dynamic Simulation to Increase Productivity with No Additional CAPEX

Kaneka Corporation is a Japanese chemicals manufacturer, specializing in the production of polymers and resins. Recently, higher market demand for functional resin was resulting in significantly greater demand for one of Kaneka’s high-value products. The company needed to increase production quickly to meet the rising demand, and it wanted to do so without making any significant additional capital investment.

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Driving Supply Chain Resiliency Through the Smart Enterprise and End-to-End Optimization

Faced with new levels of complexity, disruptions and pressure to meet customer demands, chemical supply chains have been tested as never before in recent years. In addition, there is the growing challenge to achieve net zero targets while maintaining sustainable, profitable operations.

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Aspen Plus® for Sustainability

Use the Best-in-Class Process Simulation Software to Advance Your Net Zero Goals.

Case Study

Mitsubishi Chemical Uses Aspen Hybrid Models to Detect and Avoid Product Quality Issues

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation, Japan’s largest chemical company, faced quality problems in the company's polymer manufacturing processes that could not be detected on time, resulting in impacts to production. Using Aspen Hybrid Models with Aspen Plus®, Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation had the opportunity to create a robust and performant model that accurately predicted quality issues and supported preventive actions.

Case Study

Novozymes Uses Process Modeling to Optimize and Develop Biodiesel Processes

Novozymes A/S, a global biotechnology company based in Denmark, was looking to support the development and optimization of biodiesel processes due to increasing biodiesel market demand, rising materials costs and more stringent industry regulations. Novozymes saw potential in combining AspenTech technology with its own unique design and processing expertise to more quickly identify new opportunities to increase profitability of biodiesel production processes.

White Paper

Resource Efficiency in Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers are facing a dual challenge with global demand increasing. On one hand, chemical production has to increase to address the growing demands of a growing global population. On the other hand, the industry is facing a climate and an environmental crisis.

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