Specialty Chemicals

AspenTech solution enables producers to expand differentiation, accelerate innovation and drive profitable growth across complex, market-facing businesses.

Executive Brief

5 Signs You Need Optimization - How Scheduling Technology Enhances Asset Utilization in Your Plants

Petrochemical companies have spent a significant amount of money to build assets that manufacture and distribute goods based on customer demand—and they expect a return on that investment. Investing in best-of-breed scheduling technology will streamline your business processes by helping you run your plants at full capacity while optimizing profitability.

Production Optimization for Specialty Chemicals

Maximize profits using plant-wide simulation solutions that combines unparalleled accuracy and engineering collaboration with time-saving workflows

Production Optimization for Commodity Polymers

Optimize production rates, yield and quality by modeling polymerization process using proven, market-leading process optimization technology

Bulk Chemicals

AspenTech enables producers to improve cost competitiveness, reduce operational risks and increase return on capital across their most complex assets.

Aspen Schedule Explorer

Aspen Schedule Explorer provides flawless operational execution by aligning teams via a common collaborative hub for better proactive decisions.

Interactive Infographic

Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting™ Infographic

Aspen Unified Reconciliation and Accounting (AURA) is the next generation production accounting solution that addresses key market needs: fast and efficient mass and volume balance, advanced analysis, reporting and visualization to enhance collaboration among key stakeholders and enable agile decision making. Use this interactive infographic to discover how AURA effectively manages the business process of measuring, validating, reconciling and publishing all the flows and inventories into, within and out of a plant.


Polymers Scheduling with Aspen Plant Scheduler

With polymers scheduling utilizing Aspen Plant Scheduler, companies can improve throughput and reduce the number of transitions while simultaneously achieving high on-time order fulfillment rates. Polymer manufacturers are looking for ways to increase on time order fulfillment, unlock their plants “hidden capacity," and reduce total time spent in transitions. Scheduling with intuitive product wheels and powerful sequence optimization methods assists in achieving these goals.


Momentive Boosts Customer Service and Profitability

During this free webinar, learn how Momentive's silicone and quartz business units excel at detailed scheduling and finite capacity optimization in both manufacturing and stock transfer scheduling.




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