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Aspen Schedule Explorer provides flawless operational execution by aligning teams via a common collaborative hub for better proactive decisions.

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Digital Twins: Essential to Driving Sustainable Operations for Chemical Producers

Digitalization can play a crucial role in the sustainability of chemical companies by providing the visibility, analysis and insight needed to address the challenges inherent to meeting sustainability goals.

Case Study

ダイセルがAspen Polymers™で実験回数を削減 し、イノベーションを加速


Case Study

Grande Produtora Europeia de Petroquímicos implementa software de Planejamento e Programação para Elastômeros e Estirenos

Saiba como um grande produtor químico europeu implementou o aspenONE Supply Chain Management, integrado ao sistema SAP ERP, e conseguiu reduzir os inventários em 20%, alcançar 97% nas entregas “on-time” e reduzir o número de transições de campanha em 20%.

Case Study

Importante fábrica química europea implementa software de planeación y programación para elastómeros y estirénicos

Conozca cómo una importante fábrica química europea implementó aspenONE Supply Chain Management y la integró con su sistema ERP de SAP pudiendo así reducir sus inventarios en un 20%, alcanzar un 97% de precisión para entregas a tiempo y reducir el número de transiciones de campaña en un 20%.

Case Study

Daicel Accelerates Innovation and Reduces the Number of Experiments with Aspen Polymers™

In order to grow its business in a highly competitive market, Daicel, a chemicals manufacturer headquartered in Osaka, needed to develop polymers with narrow molecular weight distributions to meet a specific market demand. Read how Daicel used Aspen Polymers to develop a custom RAFT polymerization model. This model enabled our customer to optimize process conditions and reduce experimental costs, which provided the following benefits:

Case Study

Major European Chemical Producer Implements Planning and Scheduling Software for Elastomers and Styrenics

Learn how a major European chemical producer implemented aspenONE® Supply Chain Management, integrated to their SAP ERP system, and was able to reduce inventories by 20%, achieve 97% on time deliveries, and reduce the number of campaign transitions by 20%.

Case Study

Westlake Chemical Improves Reaction Time from Hours to Minutes

Learn how Westlake assesses time sensitive supply chain opportunities, such as accepting a modified customer order, in a matter of minutes using Aspen Plant Scheduler rather than four hours using previous spreadsheet methods.

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最近のGartnerの調査によると、製造業の回答者の85%が、スマート製造戦略に関連する最大の課題は他のサプライチェーン機能との統合であると報告しています。 本ホワイトペーパーでは、業界のリーダーがバリューチェーン全体を調整し、顧客中心、収益性、需要と供給の変化への対応を強化した事例をご紹介しております。

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Digital Twin y la empresa inteligente

En todo el mundo, las organizaciones lideres están adaptando e implementado tecnologías digitales avanzadas. La travesía de transformación digital cambiará la naturaleza de las industrias intensivas de activos, particularmente los negocios de energía y químicos. En ese contexto, Digital Twin — (copias virtuales de activos físicos y sus comportamientos operativos) tendrán papeles clave. Para los gemelos digitales que creemos hoy, un concepto clave es la inteligencia artificial que proporciona información y asesoramiento sobre los datos virtuales. Descargue este White Paper para conocer sobre estas claves esenciales en su estrategia de digital twin:

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