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Refining and Downstream Value Chain

Learn how AspenTech refining solutions improve profit margins and operations across the downstream industry value chain. This infographic provides an overview of the benefits many companies have realized.

On Demand Webinar

Marathon Petroleum Corporation: A Journey to Full Refinery Scheduling

Refineries around the globe use Aspen Petroleum Scheduler™ to schedule their production. In this webinar, Scheduling Lead Paul Parrick will share Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC) journey to upgrading refineries across their organization to full refinery scheduling.

Case Study

GlaxoSmithKline Speeds up Batch Release Time: A Study in Digital Transformation

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) wanted to review the structure of its batch production record and associated workflows as part of a continuous improvement process. Reducing batch review time usually results in faster batch cycle time, meaning higher throughput at the production facility and faster cash-to-cash cycle time. AspenTech was selected for this process due to integration with other solutions, such as Aspen InfoPlus.21® and GSK’s existing plant automation software (DCS). The pilot project was a resounding success, reducing order preparation time by 95% and record review time by over 50%.


What's Hiding in Your Batch Process Data?

Leverage insights from Aspen ProMV™ to ensure consistent product quality, increased yield and maximum throughput.


Bangkok Post - Petrochemicals to see growth

As domestic and global economies heal, the petrochemicals industry will enjoy healthy demand growth for the next two years, but greater emphasis on productivity technologies is needed to seize this growth. Read this article to learn how refineries, looking to improve their productivity, must bring scheduling activities under a single platform in order to streamline their workflow and achieve a greater view of the entire petroleum supply chain.


It's Time to Stop Herding Cats - and Spreadsheets

This blog is the third in the PSC Best Practices Blog Series. Ruben explains the challenge of scheduling with spreadsheets and how an advanced scheduling solution provides better collaboration and more time for evaluating different scenarios.

Case Study

Lubrizol社Aspen Plus®活用事例 プロセス開発時間の短縮

Lubrizol社がどのようにAspen Plus を活用し、包括的にプロセス開発を行い、短期市場投入を実現しているか事例をご紹介します。

Aspen Plus

Maximize profits using a plant-wide simulation solution that combines unparalleled accuracy and engineering collaboration with time-saving workflows.

Case Study

イノベーションファストトラック:新製品開発における時間と コストの節約 (日本語事例カタログ)

ケノス社がAspen Plus®バッチモデリングを活用し、プロセスにおいてどのように利益を確保し、試運転、試作をほとんど行わず、顧客ニーズの変更に対応できたかをご説明しています。日本語の事例カタログです。

FAQ Document

Top 10 Questions About Batch Process Improvement With Aspen Plus

Many new improvements have been made to Batch Modeling technology in Aspen Plus, including the integration of the technology previously available with Aspen Batch Modeler and the introduction of new unit operations, including batch crystallization. This document covers our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this technology.

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