Aspen Transition Management

Aspen Transition Management helps you reduce off-spec product and grade transition time to provide consistent operations across all grades.

Aspen Tank Operations and Movement Systems

Aspen Tank Operations and Movement Systems enable you to react quickly to disruptions and proactively manage and monitor inventory operations.

Aspen ProMV

AspenTech ProMV provides multivariate analysis to interpret what’s driving the variability among the thousands of variables in your processes manufacturing.

Aspen Schedule Explorer

Aspen Schedule Explorer provides flawless operational execution by aligning teams via a common collaborative hub for better proactive decisions.

Aspen Production Record Manager

Aspen Production Record Manager improves batch performance and process order tracking using data aggregation, analytics and visualization.

Aspen Supply Chain Planner

Aspen Supply Chain Planner maximizes profitability using a optimized supply plan that simultaneously considers all costs and constraints.

Aspen Plant Scheduler

Aspen Plant Scheduler offers flexible, comprehensive modeling to reduce costs and increase throughput by creating and managing asset schedules.

Aspen PIMS

AspenTech's Aspen PIMS planning software is used by over 400 refineries and olefins plants to optimize feedstocks, product slates and capital expansions.

Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner

Aspen Petroleum Supply Chain Planner helps you take control of your hydrocarbon distribution network by solving complex transportation issues.


AspenTech's Aspen PIMS-AO proprietary optimization engine gives your plant production planning team the ability to improve quality, robustness and speed.

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