Chemical Industry Digest India - Transform and Grow: Manufacturing Excellence in Specialty Chemicals

In this article, Transform and Grow – Manufacturing Excellence in Specialty Chemicals, Aspen experts discuss what is required to drive transformation in specialty chemicals through technology-enabled best practices.

Case Study

Perstorp Develops KPI Production Portal to Focus Organization on Meeting Plant Production Targets

Large Specialty Chemical Company develops advanced KPI production partial portal tool using Aspen InfoPlus.21 tools, building upon their extensive Aspen InfoPlus.21 installation.


Manufacturing Schedule Optimization, A Powerful Force Multiplier

Chemical manufacturers are increasingly aware of the opportunity to improve cash flow, customer service and topline revenue by optimizing manufacturing schedules.


Synergies Between Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems Create Value

Aspen Schedule Explorer beta customers share insight on their experiences; integration across suites uncovers new opportunities to improve operations.


2020 Supply Chain Management Trends to Watch

Explore the top priorities in supply chain management and get tips on how to effectively address concerns around each objective.


Sustainability: A Core Initiative for Collaboration in the Chemical Industry

Legislation and pressure from stakeholders are forcing the chemical industry to find efficiencies and seek ways to reduce environmental impact, such as implementing low-carbon initiatives, maximizing energy and water efficiency and developing new innovative products and processes.


Chemicals Digitalization Around the World

Though the key business challenges for chemicals companies are similar across all regions, the speed, tactics and success rates for digitalization vary.

Case Study

Grande Produtora Europeia de Petroquímicos implementa software de Planejamento e Programação para Elastômeros e Estirenos

Saiba como um grande produtor químico europeu implementou o aspenONE Supply Chain Management, integrado ao sistema SAP ERP, e conseguiu reduzir os inventários em 20%, alcançar 97% nas entregas “on-time” e reduzir o número de transições de campanha em 20%.

Case Study

Importante fábrica química europea implementa software de planeación y programación para elastómeros y estirénicos

Conozca cómo una importante fábrica química europea implementó aspenONE Supply Chain Management y la integró con su sistema ERP de SAP pudiendo así reducir sus inventarios en un 20%, alcanzar un 97% de precisión para entregas a tiempo y reducir el número de transiciones de campaña en un 20%.

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