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イノベーションファストトラック:新製品開発における時間と コストの節約 (日本語事例カタログ)

ケノス社がAspen Plus®バッチモデリングを活用し、プロセスにおいてどのように利益を確保し、試運転、試作をほとんど行わず、顧客ニーズの変更に対応できたかをご説明しています。日本語の事例カタログです。

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Discover How the Dow Chemical Company Realized Operational Excellence with Real-Time Optimization

During this webinar, Dr Rahul Bindlish from the Dow Chemical Company highlights how the company is realizing results that make an impact throughout the organization with the implementation of real time optimization solutions and other process control techniques.

FAQ Document

Top 10 Questions About Batch Process Improvement With Aspen Plus

Many new improvements have been made to Batch Modeling technology in Aspen Plus, including the integration of the technology previously available with Aspen Batch Modeler and the introduction of new unit operations, including batch crystallization. This document covers our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this technology.

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Maximize Batch Distillation Performance Using Aspen Plus®

Learn how modeling batch distillation processes within Aspen Plus can put your organization on the innovation fast track. With powerful capabilities for reaction modeling and visual insights into column performance, Aspen Plus enables you to quickly and intuitively maximize distillation equipment effectiveness and reduce batch cycle time.

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Deliver Consistent Quality of Solids Using Crystallization Modeling

Learn how modeling crystallization processes in Aspen Plus® enables your organization to quickly deliver solids without the need for tedious trial-and-error experimentation. This unique capability for solvent screening and predictions for particle size distribution allows you to quickly and intuitively maximize crystallization effectiveness to deliver consistent product quality. Discover how you can gain greater insight into your crystallization process.

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Simplify Batch Process Improvement Using Aspen Plus®

When developing chemical batch processes, we often find ourselves running costly and time-consuming experiments. But what if we could predict process outcomes first, and only experiment when needed? Learn how industry leaders are simplifying batch process development to reduce experimentation, reduce batch cycle times and develop new processes faster. Discover solutions for reliable execution and easy accessibility in chemical R&D!

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Lubrizol’s Successes and Challenges in Batch Process Improvement

The batch processing industries have numerous opportunities to improve process development and batch operations. In this webinar, Dr. Michael Call, process modeling consultant for Lubrizol, discusses the successes and challenges experienced when applying process simulation to improve specialty chemical batch processes. Examples are discussed, with emphasis on the value added through process modeling, how modern process modeling tools facilitated model development and how similar successes can be achieved within your organization.

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On-Demand Webinar: Pfizer Accelerates Process Design and Scale up Using aspenONE® Engineering

Pfizer enhances new process development by coupling computational exercises with experiment planning, execution and revision. Learn how the visualization of process design can guide experimentation and expose new areas of manufacturing opportunity. Associate Research Fellow Eric Cordi will demonstrate technical capabilities to show how you can accelerate process design, facilitate collaboration and reduce the time to market for new products.


Creating the “Digital Enterprise” to Win in a Challenging Environment

The OPTIMIZE 2019 conference kicks off with an in-depth look at how organizations can harness advanced technologies to thrive in a market that demands sustainability.

Case Study

Oxiteno Plant Operations Reacts Quickly to Market Demand

Oxiteno has used the aspenONE® Engineering suite extensively over the past 25 years to modify and optimize current units, as well as design new units with complex configurations. Learn more.

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