Aspen GDOT™ 供精炼厂使用

使用Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology(GDOT)缩小计划与实际操作之间的差距。艾斯本 GDOT™ 通过实时动态优化和协调多个工艺装置来协调计划和调度目标,以确保现场范围内的最佳经济效果,一致且以分钟为单位。下载本手册,了解公司如何提高吞吐量,提高产量等。


Aspen GDOT™ 供烯烃厂使用

使用Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology(GDOT)缩小计划与实际操作之间的差距。艾斯本 Aspen GDOT 通过实时动态优化和协调多个工艺装置来协调计划和调度目标,以确保现场范围内的最佳经济效果,一致且以分钟为单位。下载本手册,了解公司如何提高吞吐量,提高产量等。

Executive Brief




The Risk-Reduction Opportunity: Savings & Safety Through Predictive Maintenance

In production environments, changing conditions means increased risk. Operating companies have been shouldering more of this risk in recent years as insurance coverage becomes less readily available.


The Job Everybody Hates

Traditional statistical tasks involve considerable preprocessing of data. Aspen Maestro™ for Aspen Mtell automates feature selection with less iterations, improving Agent performance.

Live Webinar

Webinar: Modelos Híbridos en la Industria Química: IA Industrial para Superar los Retos Operacionales

Aspen Hybrid Models™, una innovación revolucionaria, ayuda a las empresas químicas a desarrollar rápidamente modelos completos y precisos para abordar los retos operacionales más complejos. Con el lanzamiento de aspenONE® V12, los modelos híbridos de Aspen aprovechan el poder de la IA sin que los ingenieros requieran experiencia en ciencia de datos o machine learning, lo que democratiza realmente la aplicación de la IA industrial.

Live Webinar

Webinar: Modelos Híbridos na indústria Química: Potencializando o Uso de IA para Vencer Desafios Operacionais

Aspen Hybrid Models™, uma inovação revolucionária, ajuda as empresas químicas a desenvolver rapidamente modelos completos e precisos para lidar com os desafios operacionais mais complexos. Com o lançamento do aspenONE® V12, o Aspen Hybrid Models potencializa o poder da inteligência artificial (IA) sem exigir que os engenheiros precisem de experiência em ciência de dados ou machine learning, democratizando verdadeiramente a aplicação de IA industrial.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (Japanese) - Aspen Plus® V12の新機能のご紹介

本ウェビナーではAspen Plus V12で搭載された新機能について紹介します。物性ではNISTの3成分系データ参照機能、2成分パラメータの網羅性の確認、Data Regressionの改善があります。モデルでは、反応器の形状ベースの伝熱オプションの追加、反応速度の表示、カスタム反応モデルの拡張、晶析に凝集モデルが追加されました。Aspen Knowledgeが追加され、関連するモデル等の文書や例題へのアクセス、e-Learningの利用などユーザーサポート機能が充実しました。また、Hybrid ModelやMulti Caseの新製品も利用可能となりました。

Press Release

Hengli Intelligent Plant Achieves Operational Excellence with Aspen Technology

Hengli Intelligent Plant Achieves Operational Excellence with Aspen Technology

On Demand Webinar

How Pan American Energy Captured Value Using AI for Early Fault Detection

Refining and petrochemicals producers face increased pressure to maximize margins while improving safety and sustainability. In this on-demand webinar, learn how Pan American Energy implemented a predictive maintenance solution powered by artificial intelligence to predict critical equipment failures – giving time back to production and reducing operational risk.

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