Basic Chemicals

Enabling producers to improve cost competitiveness, reduce operational risks and increase return on capital across their largest and most complex assets.

Aspen GDOT

Improve margins by integrating planning and scheduling objectives with Advanced Process Control in closed loop


Improve quality, robustness and speed in your production planning, enabling better decisions for better results.

Aspen Petroleum Scheduler

Increase production throughput and gain a comprehensive refinery-wide view of the schedule while simultaneously scheduling all key refinery activities from within a single multi-user environment.

Aspen Enterprise Insights

Improve project and operations performance with actionable data insights from across the enterprise.


Planning is Personal: Introducing Unified PIMS

Aspen Unified PIMS, the next generation of PIMS available with V10, was designed to make your life easier, train new users faster, and lower cost of ownership up to 30% with server deployment.


Refinery Planning & Scheduling

AspenTech expert, Senior Director of Product Management, Zafar Ali, shares his views on best practices in Petroleum Supply Chain, highlighting planning and scheduling.


Refinery Planning Application Awareness

Planning is integral to refinery profitability; this video will discuss some challenges with this important task, and share some benefits of doing it well. Because there are so many options when selecting which crude to run and which products to make, refiners need an optimizer to help make the best choices. Once the optimizer is in place, planners and modelers with the help of process engineers, must maintain model data. Aspen PIMS-AO is accurate, robust, and fast to deliver increased refining margins to your company. This video shows three examples of how leading refiners using AspenTech solutions to optimize their refineries. Learn more here:


Make Confident Decisions with Refinery Scheduling Software

Agile refinery scheduling software enables confident decision making. Improve responsiveness and decision making with refinery-wide scheduling that simultaneously schedules all key activities from within a single platform to increase production throughput.


Optimize Blends with Refinery Blending Software

Optimize blend schedules to maximize profit and consistently meet product demand to Spec. Reduce off-spec blends and quality giveaway by simultaneously optimizing multi-period blends for short and long-term campaigns.

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