Basic Chemicals

AspenTech enables producers to improve cost competitiveness, reduce operational risks and increase return on capital across their most complex assets.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

AspenTech can help you win more engineering and construction work, improve engineering performance and capitalize on OPEX. Watch our video to learn more.

Specialty Chemicals

AspenTech solution enables producers to expand differentiation, accelerate innovation and drive profitable growth across complex, market-facing businesses.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (English): Operations-oriented Columns Troubleshooting for Both Aspen Plus® and Aspen HYSYS®

Distillation columns are troublesome units, representing one of the biggest operational challenges in the processing industry — primarily because internal conditions are dynamic and there is limited operational insight into their behavior. Offline and online advanced process simulation offers engineers and operators powerful process engineering capabilities for column analysis. With operations-oriented columns troubleshooting, you can gain insights into key processes and enable faster problem-solving.

Live Webinar

La toma de decisiones difíciles de CAPEX y OPEX en tiempos de incertidumbre

¿Cómo utiliza la tecnología para tomar decisiones de proyectos CAPEX y OPEX en el mercado volátil actual? Muchos líderes de la industria están aprovechando la digitalización en su planificación de escenarios para responder a condiciones que cambian rápidamente minimizando el impacto en los negocios.

Live Webinar

APAC 웨비나 (한국어) - 디지털 트윈을 위한 EO (Equation-Oriented) 모델링

현재 많은 기업들이 디지털 트윈을 활용하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 공정 산업에서 디지털 트윈을 구축하려면 실제 플랜트 운전 상황의 변화를 실시간으로 정확하게 시뮬레이션 할 수 있어야 합니다. 이번 웨비나는 Aspen Plus의 EO (Equation-Oriented) 모델링이 플랜트의 운전과 시뮬레이션을 일치시키는 방법에 대해 알아보겠습니다.


Operations Decision Support- Application Overview

Linking vast amounts of plant data with either off line or online process models, engineers can improve operational decisions with deeper process insights. AspenENE Engieering will increase throughput and operating efficiency through data-driven decisions enabled by plant calibrated predictive models through an operator friendly interface.


Adsorption & Chromatography Improvement - Application Overview

With modeling technology for Adsorption & chromatography processes, engineers are empowered to increase yield and production rate, improve process understanding, and improve product quality. Using Adsorption & Chromatography modeling with Aspen Plus, rapidly design and troubleshoot cyclic processes from design through operations using powerful capabilities for executing key processing activities. Watch now to learn more.


Distillation Improvement - Application Overview

Separation by distillation is a key step in many chemical processes.  However, distillation columns are notorious for being difficult to operate, and engineers need to understand how factors including feedstock and feed conditions, internal flow conditions, state of internals affects column performance. Using Hydraulic visualization for distillation in Aspen Plus and HYSYS, gain the unique insights necessary to quickly evaluate how changes to design and operating conditions affects column performance. Watch now to learn more.


AP36030 Distillation Design and Revamps

Distillation columns are critical and robust columns, designed for CAPEX & OPEX and vital to the success of any plant design. AspenTech offers the ideal solution with its visualization features that enable users to quickly get an accurate picture of the conditions inside the columns. Watch now to learn more.

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