AspenTech offers the only complete end-to-end solution for engineering, operational analytics and control of midstream facilities, helping organizations optimize gas processing yields, achieve safety metrics and improve uptime and flow assurance.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

With fewer, smaller projects to bid on, EPCs need to take advantage of every opportunity available and even create some new ones. AspenTech can help you win more work, do more with less, and find new sources of revenue.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (English) - Never the Same Using Aspen HYSYS Dynamics to Predict Processes

It can be difficult and time consuming to try to predict a process and how it will respond to different disturbances. In this webinar, learn how dynamic simulation can help you efficiently and effectively determine how a process will behave over time, and how to leverage Aspen HYSYS Dynamics to transition a steady-state model to dynamics.

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (English) - A Practitioner’s View of Prescriptive Maintenance

You’ve heard of Prescriptive Maintenance (RxM), but how can you leverage it to drive real value in your organization? In this recorded webinar, AspenTech’s Ryan Conger demonstrates how data-driven insights from AI and machine learning mitigate maintenance issues and improve productivity. Through a series of case studies, our expert shows how Prescriptive Maintenance is being used to:

Live Webinar

APAC Webinar (English) - Best Practices in Modeling Depressurization Systems Using BLOWDOWN Technology

Accurate and rigorous design of depressurizing systems — including staggering the release of contents into the flare system to minimize peak loads — is a challenge, but it’s critical to making sure the process operates safely. During this webinar AspenTech safety product experts discuss BLOWDOWN Technology best practices. You’ll also see demonstrations on how to model an entire depressurization system, individually or staggered.

Aspen Enterprise Insights

Improve project and operations performance with actionable data insights from across the enterprise.

Aspen GDOT

Improve margins by integrating planning and scheduling objectives with Advanced Process Control in closed loop

Aspen Connect Family

Make unplanned downtime a thing of the past with asset performance management powered by Aspen Mtell. This powerful prescriptive maintenance solution models historical and real-time asset, process and maintenance data to predict future asset behavior and stop machines from breaking down.

Aspen HYSYS Upstream

Maximize upstream asset performance using built-in tools for effortless well-fluid characterization, rigorous multiphase pipeline modeling and flow assurance analysis integrated with the process facility model.

aspenONE Engineering deployment in the cloud

aspenONE® Engineering deployment in the cloud

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