AspenTech's end-to-end solution for engineering, operational analytics and control of midstream facilities optimizes gas processing yields and reduces OPEX.

Engineering Procurement and Construction

AspenTech can help you win more engineering and construction work, improve engineering performance and capitalize on OPEX. Watch our video to learn more.

Aspen Hybrid Models

Aspen Hybrid Models

Asset Performance Management

AspenTech's Asset Performance Management Solution reduces downtime, maintenance costs and greatly improves plant safety.

Performance Engineering

AspenTech's performance engineering solution reduces plant CAPEX and OPEX while improving time to market, energy efficiency and profit margins.

Live Webinar

Webinar - COVID-19 and the Energy Industry – A Transitory Shock or New Path?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused acute disruptions the world over. The energy sector, in particular, has been severely impacted raising questions like:

Live Webinar

Webinar con Knar: Maximice el valor y reduzca el riesgo en decisiones de negocios con Aspen Fidelis Reliability™

A medida que las empresas de las industrias de capital intensivas buscan seguir siendo competitivas en condiciones inciertas, el realizar mejores decisiones se vuelve vital. Los nuevos avances en la tecnología digital le permiten hacer precisamente eso: revelar cómo funcionarían sus activos en múltiples escenarios hipotéticos.

Live Webinar

APAC 웨비나 (한국어) – Aspen User Certification 프로그램과 eLearning 소개

본 웨비나에서는 Aspen User Certification 프로그램과 eLearning에 대해 소개합니다. Aspen User Certification 프로그램은 온라인에서의 검정 시험을 통해서 본인 또는 팀원의 아스펜테크 소프트웨어 사용 능력을 평가할 수 있습니다. 인증서 취득을 통해 아스펜테크 제품에 대한 숙련도를 검증 받으십시오.

Centralized Performance Monitoring

Actively track key metrics and elevate the most severe alarms with real-time visibility into asset performance across your enterprise.

Operations Decision Support

Increase throughput and operating efficiency through data-driven decisions enabled by plant-calibrated predictive models in an operator-friendly interface.

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