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ライブウェビナー(日本語)- 速度論型蒸留モデルRate-basedの紹介

本セッションではAspen Plusの蒸留塔モデルであるRadfracの速度論型モデルについて紹介致します。速度論型モデルRate-basedは蒸留塔のトレイ・充填物の構造情報から物質・熱移動を計算します。平衡段モデルでは計算が困難なガス吸収の系や段効率の予測に用いることができます。厳密な塔モデルを構築することで、プラントの運転条件の決定、環境コンプライアンスを遵守した設備設計を行うことができます。

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Webinar: How Braskem Used Aspen ProMV to Recover $1M in Flare Losses

Uncontrolled flare emissions are a costly economic and environmental risk for energy and chemicals companies. During this webinar, learn how Braskem Process Engineers investigated losses in a downstream column and used Aspen ProMV to quickly resolve the problem and maintain with real-time alerting — saving >$1M a year in losses to flare.

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APAC Webinar (English): Adapt to New Operating Conditions with AspenTech's Industry-Leading APC Technology

Significant changes in market demand are requiring many companies to make sharp load and product mix adjustments while operating with remote staff. Now more than ever, process plants need robust and adaptive process control technology to allow for safe, agile management of changing conditions. Join AspenTech experts to learn how Aspen DMC3 enables you to:

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APAC Webinar (English): Design Pressure Relief Systems Using an Integrated Solution

During this APAC webinar, our AspenTech expert will provide an overview of process safety system design and rating using steady-state analysis, dynamic analysis and flare system analysis. Learn how this integrated solution saves the time of moving between software products, providing greater accuracy and efficiency.

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Using Digital Twins to Solve Chemical Operations Challenges

Digital transformation success in the chemical industry requires a comprehensive, holistic approach that looks at the entire asset lifecycle – from design through operation and maintenance. During this webinar, you will learn how Braskem used plant digital twin models with performance engineering solutions to avoid operability issues, adapt to product shifts and reduce costs.

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Webinar with Covestro and Wood: How Reliability Modeling Changes the Game in Asset Design and Operations

Accurately predicting the performance of complex, integrated facilities has been an ongoing challenge for capital-intensive industries. However, new innovations in digital technology are helping companies dramatically reduce costs, improve performance and increase revenues.

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Webinar with GSK and Wood - Digitalization at Work: Increasing Visibility, Improving Performance and Safety

Where are you in your digitalization journey? Given recent market volatility, many companies are benefiting from early adoption of digital technologies. Innovations like AI and data analytics improve response times and help keep assets running safely and more cost-effectively.

Specialty Chemicals

AspenTech solution enables producers to expand differentiation, accelerate innovation and drive profitable growth across complex, market-facing businesses.

Aspen Adsorption and Aspen Chromatography

AspenTech optimizes cyclic separation processes, maximizes production by identifying improvement scenarios and reducing plant trials using proven models.

Aspen Properties

Aspen Properties helps save time and ensure model accuracy using consistent physical properties from an extensive, trusted property database.

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