aspenONE® V12.2 Release

Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.

Improve Overall Productivity and Time to Value

With the release of aspenONE® V12.2, companies can take the next critical step in their digitalization journey with new innovations that enable you to:

  • Streamline the creation of models to meet sustainability goals
  • Accelerate value with higher quality, accuracy and access to enterprise data
  • Fast-track innovation in materials recycling and energy transition
  • Project, track and optimize emissions
  • Better support decisions and user actions with easier, more intuitive useability
  • Achieve faster time to value with improved accessibility
  • Drive stronger decision support through collaboration across the value chain

"AspenTech’s new release of V12.2 shows a commitment to innovation with new software to jumpstart customers’ sustainability programs. By building sustainability into existing software and adding a multitude of sample models, AspenTech is demonstrating industry leadership in helping customers address material recycling, emissions reduction, hydrogen, carbon capture, bio-based feedstocks and more." — Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst, ARC Advisory Group.

Решения в области устойчивого развития

Начните использование решений в области устойчивого развития с новыми примерами моделей

  • Модель 'Getting Started' дает быстрый доступ к возможностям, предусмотренным в Aspen HYSYS®, Aspen Plus®, Aspen Unified PIMS™ и Aspen PIMS-AO™ для моделирования и оптимизации переработки биосырья, процессов улавливания углерода и производства водорода
  • Возможность быстрого внедрения моделей для целей устойчивого развития
  • Примеры моделей можно легко адаптировать под ваши проект


Optimize an Entire Olefins Site

Implement closed-loop dynamic optimization, simplify deployment and maintenance and improve energy efficiency for an entire olefins site with Aspen GDOT™.

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Execute Work Orders Faster, Accurately and Consistently

Digitalize procedures and batch records, enabling efficient, accurate order execution with an intuitive mobile touchscreen using Aspen Production Execution Manager™.

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Ensure Product and Process Quality

Experience fewer failed batches with efficient and insightful batch data analysis using Aspen Unscrambler™.

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Drive Better Decisions with Automated Workflows

Automate collaboration and workflows in the Sales & Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning process, improving productivity for semi-continuous and batch producers with Aspen Supply Chain Management (SCM) Insights™.

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Award-Winning AI Technology

3x Winner of the 2021 Hydrocarbon Processing Awards!

We’re honored to be named winner of three Hydrocarbon Processing Awards, the downstream energy industry’s leading awards program. AspenTech products were singled out in three of the six categories in which we were selected as a finalist. Winning products include:

  • Aspen GDOT™ in the Best Automation Technology category
  • Aspen Unified PIMS™ in the Best Process Plant Optimization Technology category
  • Aspen Hybrid Models™ in the Best Modeling Technology category

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Innovations in recent V12 releases deliver capabilities that accelerate your digitalization journey, transforming how your organization works to enable new levels of sustainability and operational excellence.

Performance Engineering

AI is embedded directly into process simulations to easily build operations-ready models calibrated with relevant plant data. Add AI-driven 3D conceptual layouts with the introduction of Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™ and Aspen OptiRouter™.

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Production and Value Chain Optimization

Unify planning, scheduling and operations to close the gap between plan and actual. Deep learning and hybrid models deliver more accurate, powerful and sustainable models that cover a broad range of operating conditions.

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Asset Performance Management

New connectivity and performance for broader device and enterprise coverage, and more efficient alert management.

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Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Fit-for-purpose, cloud-ready Industrial AI infrastructure unlocks significant value from data assets across the enterprise, while delivering actionable insights faster than ever before.

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Performance Engineering

Realize Value Faster with Aspen Hybrid Models™

Develop and deploy calibrated models to operations faster with embedded machine learning in Aspen Plus® and Aspen HYSYS®.

Accelerate Projects with Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout and Aspen OptiRouter

Rapidly and automatically generate 3D layouts for design for faster concept evaluation and seamless data handovers.

Jumpstart Sustainability with New Sample Models

Optimize processes for sustainability with ‘Getting Started’ sample models available within Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS.

"The use of First Principles Models acting as guardrails for the use of AI in industrial markets is key for success." — Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst, ARC Advisory Group.

Expanding Aspen Hybrid Models

Embed AI directly into process simulations to easily build operations-ready hybrid models:

  • Address problems that cannot be solved with first principles models alone
  • Tune or build better models faster
  • Sustain accurate models longer
  • Improve predictive insights

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Production and Value Chain Optimization

Unleash the Power of Deep Learning

Combine linear and nonlinear deep learning variables to develop more accurate and sustainable models and APC applications across a broad range of operating conditions.

Achieve Consistent Optimization Online and Offline

Shared common models and data for planning, dynamic optimization and APC provide consistent optimization online and offline to ensure aligned economic objectives and greater agility.

Leverage High-Fidelity Hybrid Models

Shared models between engineering, planning and dynamic optimization automate workflows for maintaining planning model accuracy and enable optimization of complex process units in closed loop.

The Next Generation of Planning and Scheduling

Unite planning and scheduling to achieve more optimal operations, increase margins and save time by automating routine tasks.

A Faster, Easier, Smarter APC Solution Is Now Possible with Industrial AI.

Generate higher margins with a more powerful DMC3 controller that uses Deep Learning to develop more accurate and sustainable APC models covering a wider operational range. Aspen DMC3™ combines process knowledge and domain expertise with embedded AI to expedite delivery of new APC applications and sustain existing ones.

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Asset Performance Management

Connect to More Historians and Devices

Leverage more sensors, more devices and cross-plant communications to quickly scale asset solutions across the enterprise with Aspen Cloud Connect™ integration in Aspen Mtell®.

Improve Model Performance and Solution Flexibility

Utilize multi-threaded performance enhancements within Aspen ProMV™ to reduce calculation times. Automatically switch models with product and grade changes using existing historian tags.

Efficiently Manage Multiple Alerts

Experience user interface updates in Aspen ProMV to more efficiently manage alerts for multiple online models.

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Hub

Accelerate Time to Insights

Aspen Data Science Studio™ combines out-of-the box analytics libraries and AI development collaboration tools empowering both domain experts and data scientists.

Develop, Train and Deploy AI at Scale

A fully hosted notebook and cloud burst architecture remove the complexity and cost of building, maintaining and productizing machine learning models.

Democratize Usage with Minimal Configuration and No-Coding Interface

Easily explore data, and visualize and share insights with an intuitive, no-coding analytics toolbox.

Deliver the Connected Enterprise

Aggregate data with enterprise level historian and connect small sites to eliminate stranded data. Flexible connectivity with high performance and security to transfer data from edge to cloud.