Aspen Tempest™

An integrated software suite providing a full range of reservoir engineering and simulation tools in a single, consistent interface, for reliable, accurate reservoir predictions.

Added Value throughout the Reservoir Life Cycle

Handle Your Models and Data

A field-proven simulation and analysis system that can handle multiple models and large datasets.

Robust Interface

Integrated consistent simulation interface for black oil and compositional studies.

Analyze Risk

A statistically robust tool for analyzing risk consistently across both the engineering and geology domains.

Wide Compatibility Range

Links to ECLIPSE, Intersect, Nexus/VIP, IMEX/GEM/STARS and many proprietary simulators.

Aspen Tempest, an integrated software suite used in hundreds of installations worldwide, provides a single, consistent interface specifically designed for reservoir engineers. More than just a reservoir simulation tool, it provides a full range of solutions for preparing and navigating simulation input, submitting and monitoring runs, visualizing and analyzing results, performing assisted history matching, and predicting production uncertainty.

The primary modules:

  • Powerful simulator post-processing through Aspen Tempest VIEW
  • Accelerated history matching and optimization through Aspen Tempest ENABLE
  • Large field flow simulations and EOR support through Aspen Tempest MORE

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