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Address the needs of both process engineering and particle science.

Solids process modeling in Aspen Plus supports rigorous descriptions of solids processing steps. Aspen Plus incorporates a comprehensive library of solids unit operations (such as dryers, granulators, crystallizers, fluidized beds,crushers, gas/solid and liquid/solid separators,  classifiers, and conveying systems) and can allow for a detailed description of granular solids. With conceptual solids models, modeling solids processing equipment is more accessible to everyone.

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Say goodbye to the learning curve.

Breakthrough solids modeling capabilities were introduced with V8.0, and have continually been upgraded with subsequent releases. With V8.2, the model library was further enhanced with solid/liquid separation, as well as pneumatic conveying models.  Conceptual models, the fluidized bed reactor model, and the spray dryer model were introduced in V8.4. A new contact dryer model and enhanced indirect drying in the convective dryer model were introduced in V8.6, as well as enhanced particle size definition in the reactor models.

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Achieve higher throughputs.

The fluidized bed in the V8.4 model allows users to consider chemical reactions and their impact on fluid mechanics. Get a better understanding of re-circulation rates and particle size distributions throughout the production process. Minimize loss of fines, recycle rates, and improve yields and selectivity. 

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Reduce energy costs.

Improve the design and operation of dryers to save up to 30% of energy consumed in a process. Use rigorous and conceptual methods to model contact dyers, fluidized bed dryers, belt dryers, flash dryers, and more.  See additional resources for tutorials.

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Avoid overdesign.

Reduce capital and utility costs with high-fidelity models. Simulate wet and dry grinding and milling with a widearray of crushers and mills. Lower emissions of fine particles and reducerecycle streams through the use of detailed solid-gas, solid-liquid, and solids classification models

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Improve product quality.

 Use the spray dryer model in V8.4 to model a wide range of industrial spray dryers.Improve energy efficiency and performance. Use the granulation model to describe fluidized bed spray and high shear granulation and agglomeration.Manage coating and product purity effectively.


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Model solids wherever they are used in processes.

Modeling fluids and solids in one simulator is applicable to chemicals, polymers, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, metals and mining.

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Take advantage of demos.

Detailed, real world examples consisting of a step-by-step guide and corresponding example files help get users up to speed in minutes. 

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