Improve the Design and Simulation of Air Coolers.

Use Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger for designing and rating air-cooled exchangers and cross-flow heat exchangers for common process applications, including single-phase, condensation, and evaporation.

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Optimize design, improve performance.

Designing and rating air cooled exchangers using Aspen EDR provides optimized equipment designs.  Air cooler simulation models and correlations are based on over 40 years of Aspen (HTFS) proprietary research.  Capabilities include extensive tube layout drawings, graphing capabilities and design optimization for both capital cost and operating cost. By designing and rating air cooled exchangers using Aspen EDR users are able to save about 10-30% on their equipment cost.

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Support all physical properties.

One of the strong advantages of designing and rating air cooled exchangers using Aspen EDR is the full access users get to the industry-leading Aspen Properties® databanks and Aspen HYSYS Thermodynamics COM Interface®. Using the same properties in air cooler simulation models as are used in the process model, maintains engineering quality and consistency. Additionally, the Aspen HTFS Research Network provides reliable theoretical models and correlations for designing and rating air cooled exchangers.

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Incorporate Design and Rating of Air Cooled Exchangers in Aspen Plus & Aspen HYSYS

With Activated Exchanger Design & Rating users can easily import Air cooler simulation models and designs into Aspen Plus & Aspen HYSYS and instantly view the impact of design decisions on heat exchanger operational performance. Users can easily monitor air cooler simulation models and for critical performance issues such as excessive operating temperature & pressure, erosion, and more!

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Increase engineering efficiency.

Designing and rating air cooled exchangers using Aspen EDR gives increased emphasis on fast-track, front-end engineering through fully integrated tools for process design, air cooler simulation, exchanger thermal sizing, cost estimation, and drawing production.

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