Aspen OnLine®

Maximize operating profitability and meet sustainability goals with real-time operational guidance using live data matched with process simulation.

Calibrated Predictive Models for Operational Insight

Operations Decision Support

Gain new levels of operational excellence through real-time insights that drive improved business outcomes and help achieve sustainable operations. 

Continuous KPI Monitoring

Monitor key equipment performance, report KPIs and validate measurements using proven engineering models linked to the plant data. 

Leverage Cloud to Scale

Accelerate digitalization while improving productivity and collaboration through quick deployment of digital twins in AWS or Azure using Aspen Connect™.

Streamlined Workflow

Generate project files seamlessly within the Aspen Plus® and Aspen HYSYS® simulation environment using models validated with plant historian or lab data. 
Whats new in V14
Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.