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Acid Gas Cleaning using Amine Solvents: Validation with Experimental and Plant Data

Learn about the underlying technology and validation results for the Acid Gas - Chemical Solvents Property Package in Aspen HYSYS used for amine solvents in Gas-Liquid Systems, such as MDEA, MEA, DEA, PZ and PZ+MDEA.


Manufacturing Strategy Imperative: (Re)Design for Cost Reductions and Resilience

Manufacturers can benefit from retooling production networks to strike the right balance between cost optimization and resilience to remain competitive as demand returns.


Moonshot: Closing the Planning and Execution Gap Through Superior Alignment

The new Supply Chain Management capabilities we unveiled in our V11 software represent our moonshot: a vision for unlocking completely new levels of value creation.

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How Asset Performance Management Can Improve Margins for Mines

By monitoring asset condition and behavior and developing profiles of normal operations, anomalies and failures, predictive maintenance tools can notify staff of equipment problems prior to failure.


Polymers Producers Must Continue to Improve Sustainability and Responsibility

With current supply chain disruptions and fluctuating demand, digitalization offers polymers manufacturers new ways to drive improvements in sustainability.


Supporting Our Customers Through New Levels of Uncertainty

As we all deal with unprecedented challenges, we’re adapting our business to ensure our customer organizations can continue to operate safely and reliably.

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Building Agility, Resilience and Recovery Amidst the Current Economic Uncertainties

The Nation - Building Agility, Resilience and Recovery Amidst the Current Economic Uncertainties The chemicals sector has been hit hard by the current global economic interruptions, with rapid drops in demand, difficulty staffing essential production sites and fragility of supply lines.

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Business Continuity with Digital Twins in Self-Healing Supply Chains

The Nation Thailand - Business continuity with digital twins in self-healing supply chains

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