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Digital Transformation Enables Sustainability Success

Bangkok Post - Digital transformation enables sustainability success Sustainability is emerging as a critical business topic, as many companies focus resources toward energy efficiency, pollution control, and value chain optimisation. Sustainability efforts have broad impact across a business, but fundamentally impact four key areas for processing industries: safety, efficiency, economics, and talent. Indeed, the importance of linking sustainability concepts to worker satisfaction cannot be underestimated.

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How Manufacturing Can Attract the Best and Brightest Next Generation Workers

Automation dot com-How Manufacturing Can Attract the Best and Brightest Next Generation Workers


Win the Game with Early Alerts – There's No Time to Lose

Digitalization, IIoT and Industry/Industrie 4.0 are essential to provide a platform for businesses to respond to industry changes. What does that mean?

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APAC Webinar (English) – Managing Change, Optimizing Performance through Digitalization

As the energy industry continues to be challenged by a volatile global market, there are steps companies can take now to adapt to evolving demands, maximize margins and improve sustainability. Join our APAC rebroadcast webinar with live Q&A and learn from industry leaders Saras and MOL Group as they detail recent projects on digital twin technology, predictive analytics and prescriptive maintenance to optimize production, increase margins and maintain sustainability goals.

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APAC Webinar (English): Adapt to New Operating Conditions with AspenTech's Industry-Leading APC Technology

Significant changes in market demand are requiring many companies to make sharp load and product mix adjustments while operating with remote staff. Now more than ever, process plants need robust and adaptive process control technology to allow for safe, agile management of changing conditions. Join AspenTech experts to learn how Aspen DMC3 enables you to:

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Acid Gas Cleaning using Amine Solvents: Validation with Experimental and Plant Data

Learn about the underlying technology and validation results for the Acid Gas - Chemical Solvents Property Package in Aspen HYSYS used for amine solvents in Gas-Liquid Systems, such as MDEA, MEA, DEA, PZ and PZ+MDEA.


Manufacturing Strategy Imperative: (Re)Design for Cost Reductions and Resilience

Manufacturers can benefit from retooling production networks to strike the right balance between cost optimization and resilience to remain competitive as demand returns.


Moonshot: Closing the Planning and Execution Gap Through Superior Alignment

The new Supply Chain Management capabilities we unveiled in our V11 software represent our moonshot: a vision for unlocking completely new levels of value creation.

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