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Webinar: How YPFB Optimizes Upstream Production with Digital Twin Technology

YPFB plays a vital role in the exportation of gas in South America. When production started to decline in two of Bolivia’s major natural gas fields, YPFB needed to overcome this challenge and still meet contractual obligations.


Does AI Need to Explain Itself?

As machines make more and more decisions, one obvious question needs to be answered: Are their decisions reliable?


Building Resiliency, Agility and Recovery for the Chemical Industry

Economic, workforce and production transitions for chemical industry


A medida que las EPCs se preparan para el cambio, la transformación digital se vuelve crítica

Las firmas de ingeniería entrarán pronto en un período difícil, por lo que se ha vuelto más importante el poder capturar los aumentos de productividad de los diseños de digitalización y de los flujos de trabajo de ingeniería.


Solución a cuellos de botella en la producción de gas usando un gemelo digital

Conozca cómo YPFB Andina integró y optimizó su producción en Upstream de gas usando un gemelo digital


The Oil and Gas Industry's Green Future

According to McKinsey, energy companies will emerge from the current economic crisis with a renewed focus on digitalization and sustainability.


Technological Innovation Creates New Opportunities in Oil & Gas

Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, takes a look at how the industry is leveraging exciting new advances to become cleaner, greener and more resilient.


Structuring Your Learning Strategy Towards Competency

The second blog in our eLearning WFH series explains how to build a successful eLearning competency target and blended learning path.


Insight Comes in Sevens in Upstream Oil and Gas

Find out exactly how digitalization will impact upstream organizations, as well as what kind of value it is already creating for companies in the industry.

Case Study

Petrofac Improves Process Design Accuracy by Debottlenecking Gas Processes Increasing Capacity by 20%

Download this case study to learn how Petrofac used Aspen HYSYS with Activated EDR models to optimize heat exchanger selection and configuration for a gas production client. This solution achieved the client's goal by increasing gas field production 20%, and as a bonus, reduced CAPEX 25%.

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