Troubleshooting Acid Gas Column Convergence – Part 2

The second blog in a series describing how to use Aspen HYSYS® to troubleshoot acid gas columns.


Cognitive Guidance as Your Co-Pilot

AI and machine learning can deliver great value to the process industries—if readily available and properly rolled out to the workforce.


AspenTech is "All In" on Women's Leadership

The Women's Leadership Forum hosted a panel discussion at this year's global sales kick off. Participants shared the soft skills that have helped them succeed.


A Winning IIoT Strategy: Avoid the Common Pitfalls

To ensure IIoT success, make sure your corporate culture is ready — do you have the right skills, data, partner and processes?


Edge Computing or an Intelligent Edge?

See what defines an intelligent edge and why it's more than just edge computing.


Realizing the Promise of Embedded AI With Two Key Additions

Learn more about the drivers behind AspenTech's recent acquisitions of Sabisu and Mnubo.

Case Study

Control Column Performance Using Aspen HYSYS®

Learn how Tupras used the column analysis capability in Aspen HYSYS and its integration with Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating to significantly increase the column capacity and meet the required product specifications.

White Paper

Achieving Operational Excellence in the Chemicals Industry Using APC

The goal of APC implementation in the chemicals industry is simple: to maximize margins while meeting customer expectations. Aspen DMC3 delivers faster time-to-benefits resulting in a much higher return on investment. Learn how APC is key to achieving operational excellence.


Enhancing Usability and More: Key Actions to Create the Smart Enterprise

Having technology that is both intuitive and effective is critical to empowering your workforce. Find out where else can you create the greatest impact in your digital transformation journey.

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