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Decarbonization Investment: Opportunities and Implications for EPCs

As sustainability targets drive the energy industry towards a net zero future and energy security concerns intensify, EPCs are challenged to meet these countervailing demands within financial and workforce restraints. EPCs must cater to short-term energy demands while simultaneously positioning themselves for the long-term energy transition projects gaining traction.

Executive Brief

Achieving Better Design and Sustainability Outcomes with Concurrent Engineering

The data generated during conceptual design and FEED are quickly becoming more strategic. From understanding emissions and energy use to layout and project costs, owners and their engineering firms are placing more emphasis on early design choices.


Aspen OptiPlant 3D LayoutTM Demo

AspenTech acquired OptiPlant 3D in December 2020. Since then, Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout has proven to be an essential element of our Concurrent FEED solution and has enabled our customers to get an early, accurate 3D visualization into their designs. The ease of connectivity with the Aspen Capital Cost EstimatorTM (ACCE) has further enhanced the alignment and collaboration for our customers by enabling faster data transfer internally as well as with external stakeholders. Learn how to interactively and rapidly develop a 3D model from scratch in Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout and effortlessly export the data from OptiPlant to ACCE.


Accelerating EPC Project Design, Decision-Making and Delivery

Today’s ever-changing market demands require will a new coordinated, concurrent approach from EPCs and Owner firms under pressure to improve processes while delivering safer, greener, faster and more cost-effective projects. View this video to learn about AspenTech® Concurrent Engineering, a proven solution that facilitates simultaneous cross-functional design and execution of multiple projects, for faster delivery and faster time to value.

Executive Brief

Lograr mejores resultados de diseño y sustentabilidad con Concurrent Engineering

Los datos generados durante el diseño conceptual y FEED se están volviendo cada vez más importantes desde un punto de vista estratégico. Desde la comprensión de las emisiones y el uso de energía hasta una comprensión más completa del diseño y los costos del proyecto, los propietarios y sus empresas de ingeniería están poniendo más énfasis en la comprensión temprana de las opciones de diseño. Pero con la complejidad de los proyectos de diseño, el desarrollo de información que es tan importante a menudo puede ser lento, ineficiente y propenso a errores. Lo que se necesita es un proceso colaborativo más integral, respaldado por herramientas digitales que ayuden a fomentar una creciente sabiduría colectiva sobre el proyecto, a través de disciplinas y partes.

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Optimice el diseño de los proyectos, CAPEX y la planificación de la construcción desde etapas tempranas con Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™

Actualmente existe mucho interés en las iniciativas de digitalización en la industria de proceso, diseño de equipos, diseño de tuberías, la estimación de costos y la planificación de la construcción. Durante este webinar conozca cómo puede aprovechar los datos de ingeniería y estimación de una forma más eficiente para una finalización de FEED más rápida y transferencia de datos a ingeniería de detalle.

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Optimize Early Plant Design, Estimating and Construction Planning with Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™

With digital initiatives underway in the process industries, equipment layout, piping design, cost estimation and construction planning are getting a long-overdue overhaul. Learn how you can more easily move your engineering and estimating data across these functions for faster, more efficient FEED completion and handoff to detailed design.

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Webinar with SIMACRO: Achieve Operational Excellence with Digital Twins in Chemicals

Leading chemical companies across the globe face more competitive pressures with volatile market conditions and a rapidly changing workforce pushing the demand for increased sustainability and profitability. Digital twins offer new levels of operational excellence through enterprise-wide insights that drive improved business operations.

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Improve Bidding and Design Outcomes with Concurrent FEED

As digitalization initiatives sweep through engineering departments at both EPC and Owner companies, executives are striving to better connect their design, engineering and estimating workflows. With improved design outcomes and more accurate and timely estimating on the line, the clock is ticking to deliver results from these initiatives.

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OptiPlant 3Dは、フロントエンドの成果物と見積もりをサポートするために、多分野の3D概念モデルの迅速な開発を自動化します。このオンデマンドウェビナーは、主にプロジェクトリーダー、資本計画の幹部、提案マネージャー、デジタル化チーム、配管エンジニアの方々にお役にたつ内容をカバーしております。

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