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Rapid and Accurate Steam Reformer Model Development Using First Principles Driven Aspen Hybrid Models™

The steam reforming reaction to generate hydrogen from natural gas takes place at high temperatures. Conventional rigorous reactor modeling requires a temperature profile of the process fluid, which is difficult to estimate or measure. Using the latest First Principles Driven Hybrid Models, it was found that a relatively simple model can accurately represent a wide range of plant data. In this presentation, the methodology of first principles driven Aspen Hybrid Models, the importance of data conditioning, comparison with conventional methods and potential benefits are all discussed.  


Let's Not Forget About the Chemistry

AspenTech solutions help save energy, accelerate scale up of new technologies and drive innovation, thinking not only about today, but also with a view towards the future.

On Demand Webinar

Optimice el diseño de los proyectos, CAPEX y la planificación de la construcción desde etapas tempranas con Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™

Actualmente existe mucho interés en las iniciativas de digitalización en la industria de proceso, diseño de equipos, diseño de tuberías, la estimación de costos y la planificación de la construcción. Durante este webinar conozca cómo puede aprovechar los datos de ingeniería y estimación de una forma más eficiente para una finalización de FEED más rápida y transferencia de datos a ingeniería de detalle.


Alliance in Action Progress Report 2021

Over the past three years, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste has rallied over 90 member companies, allies and supporters who are committed to ending plastic waste in the environment and creating circularity. AspenTech is proud to be one of those members and to have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading companies to create and scale innovative solutions for this cause.

Case Study

Nissan Chemical Develops Faster, More Accurate Steam Reformer Model Using Aspen Hybrid Models™

Nissan Chemical was looking to optimize its ammonia manufacturing process and reduce operating costs. To do so, they needed to find a model that would enable them to simulate the behavior of a real plant.


Digitalization in Mining

Drive more sustainable mining operations with digital technologies have the power to transform your mining business- from pit to port. Achieve higher levels of agility, efficiency, safety and profitability with the digital mine.

On Demand Webinar

How Do You Leverage Industrial Data? Aspen AIoT Hub™ Use Cases Show How.

This webinar offers use cases that explain how to leverage the power of AIoT to lower costs, accelerate performance and improve sustainability.


Supply Chain Agility for a Future That Isn't What It Used to Be

Customers share perspectives on the VUCA supply chain challenges they've been facing and how AspenTech SCM has helped them respond to this unprecedented challenging environment.

Aspen Watch Performance Monitor

Aspen Watch Performance Monitor improves profits by maintaining peak controller performance with real-time monitoring and diagnostic information.


The FDA's Advanced Manufacturing Initiative Is What We Do

There is great opportunity to leverage digital technologies that improve product quality and yield, process efficiency, on-time delivery and sustainability in pharma manufacturing.

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