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Prescriptive Analytics from Aspen Enterprise Insights improves project and operations performance using actional data insights to monitor assets and streamline workflows.

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Webinar with Plant Services: How Autonomous Agents are Revolutionizing Conventional FMEA

For reliability engineers, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a step-by-step process for identifying and tracking the various ways an asset or equipment can fail. But despite its merits, FMEA is labor intensive, typically used only for critical equipment and does not sufficiently use data to improve its capability.


Unlocking Value from Industrial Data Today and Tomorrow

For industrial organizations, IoT sensors can offer unprecedented insight into what's happening inside vats, pipelines and manufacturing processes. Insights such as temperature, flow rates and chemical composition can be measured against infinite variables, and even captured and analyzed in real-time to discover new opportunities…and potential problems.


The Future Starts with the Digital Mine

The future starts with the digital mine, and AspenTech is here to help you on your journey. With solutions like predictive analytics, get early, accurate warnings of equipment failures, increase throughput by reducing unplanned downtime and improve safety by identifying potential risks well in advance. Learn how digital solutions like machine learning, advanced process control, digital twin and more have the power to transform mining.

Aspen Capital Cost Estimator Insights

Manage complex cost estimation processes efficiently, effectively and transparently.

Case Study

Una refinería de petróleo sudafricana utiliza una solución de estimación del ciclo de vida para ofrecer estimados de costos de capital consistentes y acelerar la ejecución del proyecto

Conozca cómo SAPREF, la refinería de petróleo crudo más grande de Sudáfrica, utilizó Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™ (ACCE) para abordar los desafíos que enfrenta su grupo de estimación, incluidas las importantes limitaciones de recursos y la falta de pautas, herramientas, sistemas y servicios integrales establecidos.


Plant Services Special Report: How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing FMEA

A revamp is underway of a widely revered strategy to avoid or mitigate industrial equipment failures. The failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is a core Six Sigma tool for improving processes and products. Recent technology advancements are breathing new life into this longtime, largely unchanged best practice.

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Preventive maintenance and using AI to predict better models for customers

Indian Chemical News Preventive maintenance and using AI

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Solving your Dual Challenge through Innovation and Expertise

AspenTech is excited to announce the integration of OSI, Inc. and E&P Software, providing new capabilities including Digital Grid Management and Subsurface Science & Engineering. See how the new AspenTech delivers proven results that support your Dual Challenge, meeting the needs of a higher standard of living for a rapidly growing population while achieving your sustainability and profitability goals.

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Solving the Complexity of Energy Security and Sustainability with Digital Technology

With the rapid escalation of energy prices and geopolitical risk in Europe, energy security has moved to center stage. At the same time, energy and chemical companies need to innovate and transform their business strategies to meet sustainability and profitability goals. Digital solutions are emerging as a strategic tool to help organizations navigate volatility short and long term.

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