Aspen GDOT™ for Refining

Close the gap between planning and actual operations with Aspen Generic Dynamic Optimization Technology (GDOT). Aspen GDOT™ aligns planning and scheduling objectives by dynamically optimizing and coordinating multiple process units in real time to ensure the best site-wide economic results, consistently and on a minute by minute basis. Download this brochure to discover how companies are minimizing product giveaway, increasing throughput, improving yields and much more!

On Demand Webinar

APAC Webinar (English): Achieve Dynamic Optimization and Sustainable Operations with Aspen GDOT™

Refiners and chemical manufacturers continue to struggle with margin leakage due to gaps between planning and operations. Innovations in modelling and optimization technology now enable you to coordinate and optimize multiple process units in real time to ensure the best site-wide economic benefits—and do it on a consistent, minute-by-minute basis.


Bringing the Power of Digitalization to Process Engineering

Explore the benefits of Activated Datasheets running inside process simulation in Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus.


AspenTech Named FIPI Digital Technology Provider of the Year

AspenTech is honored to receive the prestigious Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI) 2021 Digital Technology Provider of the Year Award.


AspenTech is proud to be a Microsoft Gold partner, collaborating and establishing a close working relationship through this widely-recognized program. Our ongoing partnership has proven that these two market leaders are truly are better together, connecting assets, measuring their performance and improving business outcomes.


Marching Towards Continuous Manufacturing to the Beat of Regulatory Guidance

The lighthouse organizations that have paved the way are showing that continuous manufacturing is viable and scalable, lending to greater throughput and consistency in drug quality and ultimately decreasing time-to-market.

On Demand Webinar

Using Digital Twins to Build More Accurate Inferentials for Improved Process Control

Advanced process control (APC) applications require accurate inputs for stream qualities, including product compositions and distillation curve points. While online analyzers are effective in supporting model predictive controllers, they are expensive and often unavailable for important process streams. There is a more cost-effective approach for building virtual analyzers or inferentials to accurately estimate stream qualities and it starts with digital twins.


How Do You Leverage Industrial Data?

Explore use cases for managing cloud data, making that data actionable, and applying AI and ML to that data.


Executive Dialogue: Meeting the Dual Challenge in the Context of Net Zero - 2050

European refiners face a “dual challenge" – meeting the growing demand for resources and higher standards of living from a growing population while also addressing sustainability goals, reductions in carbon emissions and plastic waste in the environment. View this insightful conversation featuring industry leaders from Eni and MOL Group as they discuss both the challenges and opportunities in the transition to net zero by 2050.

Case Study

SABIC Continuously Optimizes its Utility System to Reduce Emissions and Increase Plant Energy Efficiencies

SABIC is a leading multinational manufacturing company, specializing in the manufacture of petrochemicals, chemicals, industrial polymers, fertilizers and metals. Energy efficiency is a key focus area for SABIC. To close the gap towards achieving 2025 goals, SABIC identified the need to quantify energy losses and execute actions to optimize operations while addressing daily plant challenges.

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