Aspen Supply Chain Planner

Maximize profitability in your supply chain network with an optimized supply plan that holistically considers all economics and constraints and supports sales and operations planning.

Maximize profitability with Aspen Supply Chain PlannerTM by determining optimal production plans for even the most complex supply chains. Learn how you can drive a higher level of business value in the asset-intensive process industries.
Aspen Supply Chain Planner
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Identify the most urgent business problems.

Advanced visual exception reporting improves your overall Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. Planners can quickly identify the most critical problems along with pre-configured analysis steps on how to resolve them.

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Holistically optimize your global supply chain.

Build optimal procurement, production, distribution, and inventory plans in your supply chain network that profitably meet customer demand and business revenue goals. Aspen Supply Chain Planner simultaneously considers all costs and constraints to ensure global optimality of the plan.

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Create, compare, and choose the best scenario.

Generate optimal supply plans in seconds or minutes with Aspen Supply Chain Planner. Use powerful value-driven analysis to develop and evaluate an unlimited number of what-if scenarios to optimize inventory management, minimize transportation costs, and balance supply and demand.

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Improve user productivity.

An easy-to-use interface provides quick access to the most important information for faster decision-making involving your supply chain planning process. Favorite screen configurations can be saved or created on the fly, personalizing the application to the user's business needs.

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Model real process manufacturing constraints.

Operational constraints can vary by product and asset. Aspen Supply Chain Planner captures this level of detail needed to represent real-world capabilities with enough fidelity to accurately evaluate alternatives.

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Take advantage of your supply chain network.

Traditional business processes are based on single, pre-determined sources of production for a given demand. Buck tradition and re-examine where products should be made based on cost and availability, not an established 'rule of thumb'.

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Solve larger, more complex problems in less time.

Take problem solving to the next level with new 64-bit computing. Aspen Supply Chain Planner can now fully utilize available computing capacity and alleviate memory constraints to solve larger, more complex problems in less time.

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Get users up to speed faster with Online Training.

Learn basic features with computer-based training and instructional videos through “Getting Started” animated tutorials. Expand your skill set with brief 3-5 minute “Best Practice” tutorials and enter the world of true supply chain optimization. 

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