Enable rapid deployments and sustain optimal performance with patented Adaptive Process Control technology that enables simultaneous process optimization and testing.

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Use one platform for all AspenTech APC controllers.

Aspen DMC3 Builder features a completely redesigned, intuitive user interface with a mainstream ribbon-based layout that’s designed to correspond to the APC project workflow. This powerful integrated platform can be used to manage the entire life-cycle of APC controllers - from data collection to deployment, management and maintenance.

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Design better controllers with a plethora of powerful features

The most powerful and innovative features for building and maintaining controllers, including constrained model ID, collinearity repair, visual transforms, and automatic data slicing, are all integrated within Aspen DMC3 Builder.

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Use one platform for all AspenTech APC controllers.

Use Aspen DMC3 Builder to build and deploy all Aspen APC controllers, including Aspen DMC3, Aspen DMCplus and Aspen Nonlinear Controller - from start to finish.

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Capture expert knowledge for easier and faster controller maintenance.

APC models are so much more than just a bunch of curves. Preserve your process and APC knowledge within the deployed controller faster and easier and with best-in-class maintenance workflows.

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Find dozens of APC resources within aspenONE® Exchange.

Access information about APC products and share process and industry knowledge and tips among other users. Search for Knowledge Base articles, training videos, tutorials and more.

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