Aspen Unscrambler HSI™

Solve complex problems with explorative, multivariate analysis of hyperspectral images. Everything you need for transformations, outlier detection and model validation to classify products and improve quality.

Get the Most Out of Every Pixel of Data

Easy to Use, All-in-One Product

Leverage powerful analytics, interactive visualizations and unique capabilities for spectroscopy and chemometrics to solve a range of complex problems across industries.

Better Analytical Insights

Use multivariate statistical analysis for HSI data to provide significantly more information from each model than generic image analysis tools.

Flexible Validation Options

Ensure your models are fit for purpose by validating them at the correct level with flexible options that provide valuable insights suited for your data.

Better Insights, Better Product Quality

Aspen Unscrambler HSI will take your insights to the next level by providing unprecedented information about composition and quality of every single product. From data analysis and predictive modeling to advanced raw materials testing and finalized product QA, now you can achieve higher quality and efficiency.

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Aspen Unscrambler™

Model, predict and optimize processes using multivariate statistical analysis and interactive visualizations.

Whats new in V12.2
Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.

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