Aspen Process Pulse™

Monitor, control and optimize processes with real-time visibility of all types of process and spectral data. Run models for early fault detection, process deviation warnings, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) support and continuous improvement while enabling compliance with regulatory mandates.

Built for the Way Processes Work

Full Process Monitoring with a Single Tool

Prevent faulty batches, improve product quality, optimize resource use and reduce waste. Fully integrated tool closes the gap between R&D and production with QbD, PAT and real-time process monitoring and control for data-driven manufacturing.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Analyze sensor, process and quality data in real time with direct import from online instruments or through historians like Aspen InfoPlus.21®. Leverage intuitive dashboards to support various roles in the process.

Ensuring Process Quality

Take advantage of full process visibility, early fault detection and process deviation warnings. Use powerful multivariate analysis to build process models for improved efficiency and prediction of process quality.

Customizable, Secure and Compliant

Easily integrates with existing control systems and processes, independent of instrument vendor software. Ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 with model version control, searchable audit trails and audit trail reports.

Aspen Process Pulse – Enabling Real-Time Response

Align and improve your product to market demands as you optimize processes, monitor all raw materials and ensure superior quality. Additionally, take PAT to the shop floor.

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Whats new in V12.1
Delivering higher levels of profitability and sustainability with AspenTech Industrial AI™.

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