Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™

Start your digital facility and select the optimal solution to meet your business, safety, engineering and construction needs.

Engineer the Future

Visualize, Analyze and Optimize

Rapidly visualize the asset, analyze and engineer multiple options and select the optimal design.

Leverage Your Knowledge

Import and configure corporate domain knowledge and run automation functions using either corporate or public standards.


Use data, tools and knowledge from previous projects to jumpstart new projects without having to begin again from scratch.

For Engineers

Support bid requests and proposals with early visualization, leverage key process and layout personnel, operate a lean work process and team, and provide more accurate estimates, ultimately providing more value to a project.

For Owners & Operators

Initiate conceptual design in 3D, evaluate constructability, safety and operability earlier, unite the process, layout, construction, operations and project delivery personnel, balance CAPEX/OPEX costs and save money by using better data to reduce work and rework.

For EPCs

Focus on client value, create lean and agile work processes, enable visualization much earlier for teams and clients, respond to RFPs faster and with more value, deliver more value to every project and enhance customer retention.
Webinar: Accelerate Concept Selection and Reduce Project CAPEX 15-30% with 3D Layout at Front End

Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout

Technology—integrated with our process simulation and estimating tools—can cut optioneering time by 50%, help identify the best design faster and save up to 30% on capital costs. View this on-demand webinar to learn how you can: 

  • Integrate conceptual layout with cost estimating to accelerate optioneering
  • Leverage conceptual layout with process simulation to ensure constructability
  • Automate concept engineering with parametric 3D layout
  • Improve estimating accuracy with AI-assisted pipe routing

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Webinar: Accelerate Concept Selection and Reduce Project CAPEX 15-30% with 3D Layout at Front End

Accelerate Concept Selection and Reduce Project CAPEX 15-30% with 3D Layout at Front End

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Aspen Technology Acquires OptiPlant

Aspen Technology, Inc., a global leader in asset optimization software, today announced the acquisition of OptiPlant to further strengthen the company's solutions for owner-operators and EPC companies...

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